Webinar: Tips & Tricks: Part 1 & 2 – Fill & Pack Results Interpretation

  • Date:Mar 03, 2021 - Mar 17, 2021
  • Location: Americas
  • Time: 2:30 PM EST/EDT

Would you like to learn the Tips and Tricks of interpreting the results of Filling and Packing in Moldex3D? We have organized two webinars to give you a full experience! In the webinars, we will take you on a ride to go over some of the fundamental concepts of injection molding simulation and also the result interpretation in the Filling and Packing phase in Moldex3D.

Webinar highlights

  • How to determine number of gates and their location
  • Runner layout and size
  • Understand shear heating effects
  • Result interpretation at end of Fill and Pack
  • Tips and tricks of result interpretation


Highly suggest to register both for more complete experience!

Date Time  
Wednesday, March 3, 2021 2:30 PM EST | Check Your Time

Registration Closed

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 2:30 PM EDT | Check Your Time

Registration Closed


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