Webinar: Improving Structural Performance of Parts through Moldex3D FEA Interface

  • Date:Dec 02, 2016
  • Location: 2:30 PM EST

Injection molding processes are rapidly displacing conventional metal machining and casting processes for high volume manufacturing. This has been enabled by advances in material and process technologies, including high performance polymers, fiber reinforcement, and metal injection molding. A fiber-reinforced injection-molded part can have performance equivalent or superior to a metal part, but with less weight and lower cost. Realizing these benefits requires a different design process than a machined or cast part. Innova Engineering has a long history of delivering design solutions for fiber-reinforced injection-molded parts for our customers. In this webinar, Innova will describe a typical design process to replace a metal part with a fiber-reinforced injection-molded one and the key role that Moldex3D, MSC Marc and Digimat play in that process. 

*This webinar is co-hosted  by moldex3d-logo INNOVA 

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