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How Digital Twin connects with Moldex3D?

A digital twin is a gateway to Industry 4.0 which continuously updates itself from multiple sources to represent its near real-time status. It is essentially what we do at Moldex3D simulation!


Day 1 - September 28

From 9:00 – 15:00 (CEST) | Check your time




Opening Talk


Venny Yang

09:02 - 09:24

Virtual Data in Injection Molding of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics to Enrich Database for Quality Related Process Monitoring


Armin Kech

09:25 - 09:41

Digital Twins in a Medical Environment - How Can We Deploy Them?


Neil Jones

09:41 - 10:06

Long Glass Fiber (LGF) Material Study and Injected Length Prediction


Jimmy Jin

10:12 - 11:01

Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 Era


David Hsu

11:01 - 11:25

CAE Simulation Useful To Optimize A Silicon Rubber Mask Industrialization And Production

Italian Gasket

Mattia Ramini

11:25 - 11:56

Streamlined Remote Tool Launches Using Simulation: Best Practices and Demonstration


Kenny Lu / Jeremy Williams


12:40 - 12:59

The Advantages of Aluminium Tooling in Series Production Injection Moulding


Peter Stanley

12:59 - 13:12

Elysium Collaboration Overview: Free Up Your Locked Down Resources


Kentaro Fukuta

13:12 - 13:33

Streamlining CAE Data Preparation with the Power of CADdoctor


Shun Higashide

13:37 - 13:59

Design of a Plastic Bike Rear Derailleur for Metal Replacement

UMass Lowell

Fabian Ullrich

13:59 - 14:24

How Material Digital Twins Enable Optimal Plastic Components Design


Philippe Hébert

14:24 - 14:37

Moldex3D Book Series Introduction - Molding Simulation: Theory and Practice


May Tsai

Day 2 - September 29

From 9:00 – 15:00 (CEST) | Check your time





09:06 - 09:14

Opening Talk


Vito Leo

09:14 - 09:39

Fully Automated Optimization Workflow for Injection Molding Design and Manufacturing

Alfred Kärcher

Steffen Aldinger / Florian Seybold

09:39 - 10:06

Material Characterization and Modeling for Microchip Encapsulation Simulation


Marco Rovitto

10:06 - 10:29

Plastic Door Bin for Refrigerators: Evaluation of Residual Stresses


Francesco Clementi

10:30 - 10:55

Flow Simulation of Nanocomposite Materials with Moldex3D – The Effect of Process Conditions upon Electrical Properties


Andrea Romeo

10:55 - 11:30

Optimization of Filling Imbalance in Geometrically Balanced Injection Molds

Warsaw University of Technology

Przemyslaw Narowski

11:30 - 12:00

Enhances in Prediction of Filling Behavior and Fiber Orientation with Moldex3D Enhanced Fiber and VE Solver, for Multi-scale Material Characterization and Industrial Problem Solving


Carlo Grassini / Claudio Ghilardi


12:40 - 13:00

How Do Varying Material Analysis Methods Influence Thermoset Simulation Results?

Schwarz Plastic

Ingo Schwarz

13:00 - 13:30

Introduction to JSOL’s Simulation Technology in Composite Materials


Sean Wang

13:32 - 13:43

Correlation between Simulation and Injection System Best Choice


Gianluca Papini

13:43 - 14:02

The Renaissance of Industrial Product Design


Mark Fischer

14:02 - 14:26

Moldex3D Turnkey Platform


Ray Wu

Day 3 - September 30

From 9:00 – 16:00 (CEST) | Check your time





09:02 - 09:32

Experimental Characterization and Simulation of Thermoplastic Polymers Flow Hesitation in Thin-wall Injection Molding using Direct in-mold Visualization Technique


Guido Tosello

09:32 - 09:53

Optimizing Heat Management in Parts Featuring Different Thermally Conductive Compounds


Luca Posca

09:53 - 10:23

DOE Meets IOT: An Approach to Apply Design of Experiments to Digital Twins with the Industrial of Things


Jonas Triebel

10:31 - 10:35

Achieving 40% Aluminum Part Weight Reduction with Moldex3D – Customer Testimonial


Jaroslaw Kedzierski

10:35 - 11:07

Moldex3D-aided Metal to Plastic Replacement in Automotive Underhood Applications


Przemyslaw Narowski

11:07 - 11:27

Additive Manufacturing: Conformal Cooling


Ankit Sahu

11:27 - 11:57

The Honor of Aoki Katashi Innovation Award: Development of Microcellular Foam Injection Molding Simulation Technology Incorporating Bubble Nucleation


Shinichi Imashima


12:40 - 13:16

Using CAE to Perform Design of Experiment (DOE) Optimization in Injection Molding is a Dream?

Tamkang University

CT Huang

13:16 - 13:40

How ICME Can Break the Silos inside the Company and Push Digital Twin to Maximum ROI?


Olivier Moulinjeune

13:42 - 14:12

From Process to Mechanics - The Development of Foam Injected Molding Parts by using Simulation and its Optimization 


Cristoph Hinse

14:12 - 14:59

Perfect Integration of Smart Design and Smart Manufacturing


Alvin Hsu

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Phillippe has worked in the industry for more than 8 years. He has great know-how on how to make the production better and smoother. He’s professional field is especially in material mechanics, which is the field he started the career early from eight years ago. Now Phillippe work as product marketing manager for Digimat and Material Center product lines, he takes care of articulating and communicating the value of ICME solution to the manufacturing industries e-Xstream serves.

“Business Development Engineer focusing on Material Suppliers” at e-Xstream engineering, part of Hexagon, with strong focus on defining e-Xstream technical strategy and orienting our product Initiatives to support Material Suppliers business and help them to empower their global ecosystem with Material Database, Material Digital Twin and exchange capabilities.
Olivier joined the company in March 2019. Before joining e-Xstream, he was responsible of the CAE Team at SOLVAY Engineering Plastics. Olivier as occupied this position for 28 years at RHONE-POULENC, NYLTECH, RHODIA and finally SOLVAY. He had the opportunity to grow his skills in both injection molding and mechanical simulation on many applications.
In 2005, he started using Digimat as one of the first customer of e-Xstream Engineering. He is one of the eldest user of the solution. Olivier has been using Digimat to support customers with FEM for 15 years. With a colleague he launched the first huge material database in Digimat on fiber reinforced polyamide.
Olivier holds an engineering degree in Production Management from “ISTP Saint-Etienne” in France.

Computational engineer at Kärcher SE Co. KG (Germany) in the department of central research and advanced development
– Expert for molding process simulation
– Simulation workflow automation

Engineer and Project Manager at Konzelmann GmbH (Germany) in the department of research and development

Master of Science in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing at Technical University of Aalen

Bachelor of Engineering at Technical University of Aalen

Computational engineer at Kärcher SE Co. KG (Germany) in the department of central research and advanced development
– Computational fluid dynamics and turbomachinery
– Simulation workflow automation
– Design optimization

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering at Technical University of Munich

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science at Technical University of Munich

Peter Stanley is a materials engineer who specialises in aluminium metallurgy. He obtained his PhD in the field of colloidal processing from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2013. Since then, he has worked as a materials consultant at Bombardier Transportation and as a product and process development engineer at Arconic’s UK-based aluminium rolling mill. He currently represents the BSI in light metal standards development and specialises in general engineering aluminium plate technologies and statistical process control. Peter enjoys photography, costume and model-making in his spare time.

Current job: CAE China team leader of performance material in BASF (join BASF in 2007)

Location: Shanghai

Main responsibility:
– Customer support with simulation support
– Develop the new simulation model or method for applications with plastics

– Plastic molding processing simulation
– Structural and integrative simulation
– Mathematical optimization and related script

Jaroslaw Kedzierski M.Sc., Eng
Owner / Manager/ Mechanical engineer

Experienced engineer with over 20 years of valuable experience in the field of automotive and mechanical industry.
Founder and owner of the company “Ingenieurburo Kedzierski” founded in 2005, transformed in 2018 into Blackcad Engineering GmbH.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology Przemyslaw Narowski has worked for over than ten years in polymer processing industry. He has an engineering experience in manufacturing, and product development. Since 2015 he provides support and consulting to evaluation of injection molded parts design projects in automotive industry. Being still a part of academia he continues his journey to undiscovered lands of polymer science and engineering.

Dr. Vito LEO, Physicist by training, has worked in the Plastic industry for the last 37 years. He has been involved in Rheology, Flow Analysis and more fundamental structure-property relations in High Performance Polymers.
In addition to his main R&D job at Solvay, from which he is soon to retire, he created his own training and consulting company BIMS SEMINARS SRL in 2000.

His two flagship seminars (BIMS-1 and BIMS-2, respectively on Injection Molding and Mechanical aspects) have been presented 160 times to a large public of about 2500 people, often in collaboration with Simpatec, a long standing partner.
More recently, an online version of the Molding course has been created for distant training.

Vito’s focus has always been on identifying and explaining the Physics at play behind the complex phenomena or defects observed in Injection Molding. Many of his observations over the years have been taken into account by software vendors to improve the performance and accuracy of simulation software.

CV of Armin Kech

  • 1989 – 1996 Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Degree: Dipl.-Ing.
  • 1996 – 1998 Research Assistant at the Institute for Polymer Testing and Polymer Science (IKP) at the University of Stuttgart
  • 1999   Research Fellow at the University of Aalborg, Denmark, in the Department for Production (6 months)
  • 1999 – 2002 Head of department at IKP for Polymer Physics and Engineering
  • 2002 – 2006 Research Engineer and Project Manager at Corporate Research (CR/APP) of Robert Bosch GmbH
  • 2006 – 2017 Team Manager in CR/APP2 of Robert Bosch GmbH for process simulation in polymer technology
  • 2010 – today Senior Expert in CR/APP2 of Robert Bosch GmbH for process simulation in polymer technology

Guido Tosello, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Manufacturing Engineering. He is senior lecturer, scientific project coordinator, industrial consultant. Guido’s principal research interests are the analysis, characterization, monitoring, control, optimization and simulation of precision and micro molding processes.

He has 15 years of research experience in the field of polymer replication injection molding including injection molding simulations.He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals and more than 190 peer-reviewed papers at international conferences. He is the editor of the book “Micro Injection Molding” published by Carl Hanser Verlag in 2018.

Guido Tosello is the recipient of the “”Technical University of Denmark Best PhD Research Work 2008 Prize”” for his PhD thesis “Precision Molding of Polymer Micro Components”. Guido Tosello is currently the Project Coordinator of the European project Horizon2020 MSCA ITN DIGIMAN4.0 “DIGItal MANufacturing Technologies for Zero-defect Industry 4.0 Production” (2019-2022) and has been the project coordinator of the EU project Horizon2020 MSCA ITN MICROMAN “Process Fingerprint for Zero-defect Net-shape MICROMANufacturing” from 2015 to 2019.

Guido holds an Executive MBA degree from the Technical University of Denmark Executive School of Business.

I am a Materials Engineer, with 15-years experience both from laboratory side (mainly plastic materials ) and simulation side ( FEA and process) .I have mainly worked in a mold maker and hot runner producer company and then now I am working in Electrolux since 2012.

At the moment I am in the so called “Insulation, materials and core processes team” , inside the Global R&D for Food Preservation Product Line ( Refrigerators) ,working with process simulations as support to experimental activity.

Kentaro Fukuta is currently General Manager, Global Business Team of Elysium Co. Ltd., solution provider for 3D CAD data handling, including format conversion, data quality check and repair, simplification, and reverse engineering from point clouds. He is in charge of global business and partner alliance with Elysium’s distributors, OEM Partners, and CAD/CAM/CAE vendors. He holds a Master of Science degree from University of Tokyo.

Shun Higashide joined Elysium in 2014 and has been working since as global business analyst and major account sales. In the field of global marketing, he takes part in operations such as managing events, websites, and overall PR activities for promoting Elysium solutions.

Jonas Triebel graduated in plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and afterwards pursued his M.S. in business and industrial engineering. He has since worked as a trainer and consultant in the fields of digital prototyping and digital manufacturing, regularly using and being certified in injection molding simulation software – with a specialization in design of experiments.

Having worked for different, international companies, he has been part of several innovation and digitization projects like the part and process design of a 3D printed prosthetic device or the development of an enterprise-wide platform for automated part and process simulation for a Scandinavian medical device company. With his experience in manufacturing and IT alike, he recently joined Fujitsu as a Senior Business Analyst and Data Scientist for Connected Services in the manufacturing industry.

Process manager and CAE responsible for Hot Runners System Design & Project

Mattia Ramini is a rubber chemist with experience in the elastomers production and rubbers processing. He studied Chemistry in the University of Ferrara (Italy), where also obtained a Master in Science Technology and Management. Currently is an industrial Ph. D fellow in the University of Brescia where R&D activity about injection molding process are performed. He worked as researcher in CTInternational S.r.l company of Ferrara (Italy), and as EP(D)M Chief Technologist in IPT S.r.l company of Ferrara (Italy), where managed research activity on EP(D)M solution plant designed in China and Iran.

From April 2017 to today works as R&D Manager in Italian Gasket S.p.A of Paratico (Italy), where managing research activity on rubber compounds processed by injection molding. Inventor of Patent filed in China (SIPO – State of Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C): “Reactor suitable for EP(D)M solution synthesis” – CN 205109621 U (Publication Date – 2016.03.30), and author of “Achieving savings in the post-curing process of fluoroelastomer compounds prepared by injection molding” (Rubber World December 2019). Invited Speaker in some national and international forums about Rubber Field.

Maoz started designing parts and molds in 1993, .Since then he worked in the production industry. For the better part of that period (more than 20 years) he has been working in Cimatron – a CAD/CAM software company focused on the manufacturing world. He worked as a process analyst and product manager. Cimatron was acquired by 3D Systems 5 years ago and it has since widened its range and ventured into the world of 3D printing. Maoz is currently a director of software product portfolio management at 3D Systems.

  • Study of civil engineering at National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Since 2008 at CoreTech System Co.,Ltd
  • Application engineer in plastic molding simulation
  • Japan sales team, World Sales Division
  • Since 2015 at JSOL Corporation
    – Application engineer in molding and structural simulation
  • Solution development in plastics and composites materials

With over 35+ years in the injection mold making world Pat Smith has seen firsthand the shift away from making most molds in the West, to the offshore jurisdictions that now deliver the majority of the world’s injection molds. Pat also witnessed very early on how many problems came with this shift, travel problems, communication problems, quality problems, and engineering problems. Knowing that there had to be a better way forward Pat founded Jade Group International (Jade Molds) in 2006 to solve these offshore injection mold making problems with a simple mission in mind: Deliver Western quality offshore injection molds, to Western injection molders, at highly competitive offshore pricing, so that they can compete globally, retain part production in their home country, and grow their business. The approach that Pat takes at Jade to deliver on his mission includes investing in and leveraging first-in-class software technology solutions like Moldex3D (paired with great engineers) to highly qualify mold designs. As well as having Western mold builders and QC teams who live and work in the jurisdictions where Jade is making molds. Pat’s Western methodology approach to offshore mold making delivers on quality, price, and customer retention.

Luca Posca is “Technical Service and Marketing Director” of LATI, one of the European leading companies in thermoplastic compounds.

He has been working as a CAE specialist for both fluid-dynamical and structural finite element analysis, focused on plastic products. He has then been involved in the development of the special compounds range and applications, featuring structural grades, thermally and electrically conductive formulations etc.
A wealth of projects have actually been engineered working in close contact with Customers worldwide, taking care of specific needs and requirements of automotive, house appliances, power tools and many other application fields.
LATI is a technical partner of many of the most important Companies in the electrical, automotive, aerospace and mechanical sector.

Today his team and him keep on working on special compounds, specific project developments, technical Customer care and risk management. His formal education include a degree in chemical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan with a specialization in Polymeric Materials.

Dr. Venny Yang co-founded CoreTech System in 1995 and led the company to become the world’s leading plastic injection molding CAE provider. Moldex3D, the company’s flagship product is known to be the true 3D innovator in plastic simulation and is widely used globally. Dr. Yang is the vice CEO of CoreTech System.

Dr. David Hsu has been working on the backbone of Moldex3D since early 90’ and His current position is the President of Product Development and leading the R&D team of more than 100 Moldex3D developers to deliver the leading-edge solutions to the industry.

Dr. David Hsu received his PhD degree in chemical engineering from Taiwan National Tsing-Hua University. Dr. David Hsu’s research specialties include software engineering, software development, process simulation, optimization, scientific visualization, and computational intelligence.

Dr. Arvid Chang is a project manager in Moldex3D and received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University. He is in charge of machine characterization service and optimization for his R&D works and research interests included process simulation, optimization, and computational intelligence.

Ray Wu is a technical manager in Moldex3D, the leading computer aided engineering program in plastic processing simulation. During his study in Mechanical Engineering, he was specialized in CAE simulation. After that he started his journey in injection molding simulation with Moldex3D until now. He has a wealth of knowledge in injection molding and Moldex3D products, which can help the customer properly and promptly.

Dr. May Tsai is the manager of Digital Content department in Moldex3D and received her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University. She has been the execute editor of book “Molding Simulation: Theory and Practice” on English, Traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese editions. The English edition has been published by Hanser 2018. She is in charge of the development of digital training materials, and also supports the publishing of other language editions of “Molding Simulation”.

Alvin performs complex CAE analysis to help customers predict potential product defects and finds solutions to shorten development time and improve product quality. He has been participating in seminars, exhibitions, European User Meeting and Channel Partner Meeting in Europe to present as key presenter and promote Moldex3D and has years of experience in plastic industry, responsible for performing CAE simulation and software sales.

Ankit Sahu (Director), Objectify Technologies Private Limited.
He has pursued his Bachelor of Engineering, 2010 in Mechanical Engineering from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore and his Master of Science in Manufacturing Technology Engineering, 2012 from Warwick University, UK. He founded Objectify Technologies right after returning from UK in 2013, at SIIC Incubation Centre at IIT Kanpur. He has avid knowledge of Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Printing and seeks to take Objectify Technologies as not only a manufacturing service bureau but a thought leader and inform industries and individuals about the value 3D Printing can provide for the future of manufacturing.

Mark Fischer is the Sr. Director, CAD Product Management for the Creo portfolio. He oversees the direction of core solutions within Creo, including; Generative Design, Industrial Design, Rendering, Graphics and Systems, Customization, Creo in the Cloud, Data Exchange and partners. Mr. Fischer has been with PTC for over 22 years and has held several positions throughout the company from Technical Sales, Academia and Product Management

Mr. Fischer earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University.

Degree in Materials Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) in 2005.

Working at Proplast since 2006 first as technical designer, CAE analyst and Project Manager, developed, through the years, skills in part and mould design, injection moulding and engineering solutions by means of CAD and CAE software ranging from Injection Moulding simulation to FEM structural simulation.

Head of the Engineering Department since 2015, manages a team of eight people involved in all the phases of product development from CAD and CAE to mould making.

Master’s degree in Materials Engineering at University of Brescia, Italy in 2009.

Since 2010 working at RadiciGroup HPP, in Marketing and Technical Service. Taking care of application development projects with key customers, following all the technical aspects involved, from material selection to problem solving. Global responsible for the CAE activities, such as material characterization, database maintenance and service studies to support customers for strategic projects.

After obtaining a degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology at “Politecnico di Milano” has been working since 2015 for RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers in the field of FEA analysis, where he provides technical support and consulting for design, manufacturing and performance evaluation for components made with Engineering Plastics. The CAE activities range from Injection Moulding Process to Structural simulation passing through material characterization, database maintenance and service studies to support customers for strategic projects.

Jeremy has over 16 years’ experience in the plastics industry in multiple roles. Prior to joining RJG in 2015 he was Principal Engineer taking projects from design concept to saleable product. Over the years in the industry he has worked serving the medical, automotive, furniture and appliance industries. Working with a wide variety of machines up to 9,000 tons, processing a large catalog of resins in single shot, two-shot and insert molding application. He also brings a vast amount of knowledge in part design, simulation, mold design, robotics and secondary operations.

Jeremy completed both Master Molder® courses in 2011 and became a RJG Certified Trainer in 2012. As a corporate certified trainer, he worked closely with facilities in the US, Europe and Asia. Not only was he working through projects as an engineer with a global team, but was providing training to further strengthen their knowledge of injection molding. In addition to the extensive manufacturing background he holds degrees in plastics and business.

As an RJG Consultant/Trainer, Jeremy’s responsibilities include teaching Part Design for Injection Molding, Mold Design, Math for Molder, Injection Molding Essentials, Systematic Molding, DECOUPLED MOLDING® and RJG Master Molder® courses.

Kenny Lu is a certified consultant/trainer at RJG, Inc. His career started in 2000 as a structural engineer in Taiwan. He then joined Moldex3D as a field application engineer. He gained his knowledge of injection molding and associated interpretation skills for the following 12 years before moving to Michigan to run technical operations at Moldex3D North America. He worked closely with clients and solution’s providers in the North American plastics industry, delivering software training, and consulting on application development and implementation of simulation in the engineering environment.

In 2015 Kenny began his career at RJG, Inc working with a consulting focus on RJG’s TZERO® program. TZERO® is a consulting service that provides a framework for collaboration between engineering and manufacturing. A big part of the process is the review of part design and simulation, educating, optimizing, and assessing the mold development process to avoid molding uncertainties and resolve existing injection molding problems. His role as a TZERO® consultant is to evaluate the potential risks before the tool launch and provide advice in using scientific results. Kenny facilitates the synergy between production and engineering groups through his simulation skills and knowledge.

Shinichi Imashima, Chief Moldex3D Engineer in Saeilo Japan, graduated from Osaka University in 2007 with Master degree of System Analysis Technology, has started to work in Saeilo since 2008 and devoted in supporting all Moldex3D Japanese customers. For now, he is in charge of pre & post customer service, training and communications with R&Ds of CoreTech System(Moldex3D HQs) regarding technical applications and researches. By far, he has been dedicated in many different types of special process simulations for over 12 years.

As an Apprentice Setter, I started within the Automotive industry, working on interior and exterior components for a variety of marques. I moved in to the Medical Device industry in 2007 where I gained extensive experience in Scientific Moulding Process Development techniques, Statistical Analysis and Risk Management. In 2014, I joined Sartorius as Tooling and Process Engineer within the Global Plastics Group. It was here I discovered my passion for Simulation of the Injection Moulding process. I have developed my knowledge of Moldex3D Software packages, and techniques for use with the help and support of the team at Simpatec, and, we have implemented a full, structured simulation approach within Sartorius, covering everything from Concept design reviews, to full Injection Moulding Tool design validation. I lead the Mould Filling Analysis team and utilise the power of the software for predictive and investigative purposes.

  • 1957 Born in:München (Munich/Bavaria)
  • Munich Business School and Industrial Management Ass. And practical technical training for plastic molding.
  • 1977 Member of Management in the plastic molding business of parents (~100 staff)
  • 1990 General Manager of Spanish subsidiary of German entity (45 staff)
  • 2003 Head of task force “Alliance for thermoset solutions” industry association AVK (until 2009)
  • 2016 General Manager of consulting entity “Schwarz Plastic Solution GmbH”, specialized on thermosetting molding solutions
  • 2018 Collaboration partner of SimpaTec/Moldex3D for thermosetting applications

About 40 years of practical experience in the thermosetting molding industry. Working with Moldex3D since 2011, in particular on thermosets, combining structural, thermal and filling analysis for products and molds. Concluded Moldex3D Expert in 2020.

Cristoph Hinse is a cofounder of the company SimpaTec GmbH in Aachen, one of the leading engineering and software partners for the plastic processing industry. Already during his studies in Chemical Engineering – with a special focus on plastics technology; he gains his first experiences in CAE and process simulation at the institute IKV Aachen. After that, he was – in his function as a project manager – responsible for the coordination, organization and realization of simulation aided engineering projects. Since 2004 Cristoph Hinse offers today as General Manager of SimpaTec, professional engineering services and support for the holistic development and optimization of components, tools and injection molding processes and FEM. With different subsidiaries in Aachen, Hamburg, Reutlingen, Weimar (Germany), Linz (Austria), Guebwiller (France), Bangkok (Thailand) and North Carolina (US) SimpaTec is able to always be as near as possible to their user and to penetrate the plastic manufacturing market with the subject of injection molding process simulation.

Marco Rovitto is a Modeling and Characterization Engineer at STMicroelectronics (Italy), where Marco is in charge for molding process simulation activity as well as laboratory characterization of materials for chip packaging assembly. His R&D job includes the development of electronics packages for semiconductor industry in an international environment. Furthermore, Marco actively collaborates in projects with Universities and attends IEEE Scientific Conferences.

Before starting to work in STMicroelectronics, Marco spent 3 years as a Research Engineer at the Technical University of Vienna where he got his PhD in Microelectronics Engineering. His scientific interests included electromigration, interconnects, wafer mechanical deformation, and process simulations. In the free time, Marco enjoys nature and mountain practicing sports and listening to the music.

Dr. Chao-Tsai (CT) Huang is currently a Technical Consultant at Chairman Office of CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co. Ltd. He is also an Assistant Professor at Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Tamkang University in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
During the past years, CT has been devoted to several fields of polymer processing, including general injection molding, multiple components molding, optical polymeric component development, extrusion and screw design, thermoforming and blow-molding simulation, and interfacial instability investigation.
Recently, he is working on some special injection molding technologies, including multi-component molding (such as overmolding, co-injection, bi-injection); lightweight technologies (such as long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics, long fiber breakage, physical and chemical foaming); and so on.
CT received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Taipei Institute of Technology, and his Master of Science and Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.

Fabian Ullrich is a third-year PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The focal point of his PhD has been in the areas of layered composite ballistics and materials modeling. Prior to arriving in Lowell, Fabian completed his Bachelor and Master’s degrees at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in Germany. For his Master’s thesis, he spent six months at the University of Toronto completing research on foam injection molding. Fabian hails from Walldorf, Germany, and intends to join his partner in the Washington, D.C. region following graduation.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology Przemyslaw Narowski has worked for over than ten years in polymer processing industry. He has an engineering experience in manufacturing, and product development. Since 2015 he provides support and consulting to evaluation of injection molded parts design projects in automotive industry. Being still a part of academia he continues his journey to undiscovered lands of polymer science and engineering.