Italia Half-day Online Training

in Training on 10/08/2021
  • Date:Dec 02, 2021
  • Location: Online, Italy


Moldex3D ITALIA organized a series of free half-day online training courses, designed to give you a preliminary look at how to set up, run and interpret an analysis and simulation in Moldex3D Studio.

These online training courses are only available for Italy.

During the training, we will also show you some effective ways to address common molding defects. Don’t worry if you are not a Moldex3D user, once you register, you will receive a 30 day trial license from us! So, feel free to join us online and see how easy molding simulation can be.

* Prerequisites: You have available or received a license from Moldex3D successfully installed.

Benefits of training

  • Get an idea of Moldex3D’s features and how to use them to improve your molding process
  • Learn to solve the most common molding problems by applying Moldex3D correctly
  • Learn to review and interpret simulation analysis and results

Training Date

Date Time  
21 October 2021 14:00-17:15 CEST Closed
04 November 2021 14:00-17:15 CET Closed
02 December 2021 14:00-17:15 CET Register Now


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