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K 2022 is the main trade fair for the entire plastics industry in Düsseldorf, attracting 250,000 visitors around the world. This year, K celebrates its 70th anniversary and this time the exhibition will also focus on the issues that clearly lead to digitalization, circular economy, and climate protection. If you want to know the latest trends in the plastics market, then K 2022 is definitely an exhibition you can’t miss.

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Moldex3D at K 2022

Moldex3D has nearly 30 years of experience in assisting customers in product design. The accumulation of these rich experiences has been transformed into our valuable think tank and software capabilities. This time at the K 2022 exhibition, we are very excited to show you the latest and complete product lines of Moldex3D 2022. We will also reveal the results of our deep cultivation in smart manufacturing. Definitely well worth your visit to our booth, and I wish all of you a fruitful and successful visit to K 2022.

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Hot Topics of K2022

With climate change getting worse, people have become more conscious of their impact to the environment. Companies are receiving growing pressure to address ESG concerns, striking a balance between their profitability and social impact. One important business goal is to achieve design for recycling and make products using recycled content. Design for recycling makes the process more complicated because the properties of recycled materials are different from virgin plastics and can largely affect the molding results. Also, many traditional design and manufacturing methods such as insert molding and adhesive bonding must be replaced by Design for Recycling techniques to create circular plastic products. Want to know how Moldex3D can help you achieve sustainability goals?

With the revolutionary development of technology, the golden age of digitalization has arrived. Digitalization reduces the complex production process and excessive production waste. Moldex3D provides multiple solutions to help enterprises enter a new era of digital transformation. Let’s see what we have for you.

Moldex3D Material Hub Cloud (MHC) material cloud service is a database of up to 8,000 materials measured by Moldex3D Material Measurement Center, allowing customers to quickly compare the properties of various materials through the MHC website. The Alternative Material search function also helps designers and engineers to find ideal materials quicker, reducing project times and improving communication with customers.

We know that the key to the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry is to master the production machine data. To assist the digital transformation of the injection molding industry and strengthen the core competitiveness. Moldex3D has developed Machine Characteristics analysis services. It will bridge the gap between simulation and production to allow the scenarios of simulation considering the physical characteristics and dynamic responses of actual molding machine.

Knowing that customers have been troubled by the failure to effectively store and manage many product design projects over the years, Moldex3D has developed the iSLM data management platform, which can be used to record the complete process from design, mold trial to production. Also with its visual workflow, it is easier to track each task and make the team work more efficiently.

Countries worldwide have successively announced their goal of carbon neutrality. And electric vehicles are an important puzzle to achieving the goal. The demand for automotive chips has greatly increased. Moldex3D started the simulation of related IC packaging solutions very early, and its IC simulation capability can be regarded as the world's leading. Moldex3D IC Packaging provides a complete range of IC package molding solutions such as Transfer Molding, Compression Underfill, CUF, EMWLP, NFU, etc. It helps engineers enhance chip quality and prevent potential defects more efficiently.

In addition, composite materials have also become a hot topic in the market in recent years. The possible reasons include vehicle manufacturers reducing body weight to increase mileage and achieve carbon reduction goals; another reason is that companies are trying to find renewable energy to replace fossil energy, such as wind power. In order to meet the needs of lightweight and high strength of fan blades, composite materials are widely used to make.

There are many types of composite materials. Moldex3D has long been committed to the research of composite materials. Moldex3D Composite Molding solution provides 3D simulation of a variety of composite products and processes, including long and short fiber injection molding, Compression molding such as SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT, various RTM processes, and thermoplastic carbon fiber board composite molding...etc. We hope to help customers develop new green energy products through advanced process simulation services and contribute to the development of environmental protection.

Moldex3D 2022

What new features will help your design?

Moldex3D 2022 continues to make great leaps in molding simulation accuracy and simulation capabilities. Digital twin technology is also integrated into the system to capture variables in the actual environment, helping industry achieve digital transformation, maximize manufacturing efficiency, and reduce trial time and costs.

This time at K 2022, Moldex3D(Hall 13 #A94) will show how to simulate the low-pressure control curve of iMFLUX, and at Milacron’s booth(Hall 14 #B31) there will be wrinkle bags produced with iMFLUX’s auto viscosity adjust feature which you can see a live demonstration of daily at 12pm / 2pm / 4pm.


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