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International Plastics Fair (IPF) Japan 2023, one of the most important exhibitions, will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from November 28 to December 2. Being the largest plastics show in Japan, IPF will showcase the latest development and innovation of plastic and rubber molding industry. Moldex3D is pleased to announce that we will exhibit at IPF Japan 2023. During the exhibition, we will be showcasing the most advanced and innovative CAE simulation technology in plastics injection molding, which help you to optimize your product design, get into Industry 4.0, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI. We sincerely welcome you to visit us at our booth.

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Hot Topics of IPF Japan 2023

Amidst a technological revolution, we're entering the era of digitization. This transition simplifies production, curbs waste, and emerges as a crucial tool for business competitiveness. Since its inception, Moldex3D has excelled in authentic simulations and precise predictions, making it the preferred partner for businesses undergoing digital transformation.

Moldex3D's Material Hub Cloud (MHC) aggregates over 8,500 material data points from their Material Measurement Center. Through the MHC material cloud website, customers effortlessly compare diverse material attributes and access specialized material recommendation guides, aiding designers and molding professionals in material selection.

Mastering production machine data is pivotal for manufacturing competitiveness. Moldex3D introduces the Machine Characteristic Analysis service, integrating material measurements and digital replicas of production machines. This service seamlessly blends simulation with real-world production, assisting the mold and molding industry in embracing digital transformation.

Additionally, the iSLM Data Management Platform addresses persistent data challenges in product design projects. It records the journey from design to production, utilizing data visualization to enhance team efficiency and streamline workflows.

With the current severe climate change, businesses urgently need to strike a balance between pursuing ESG principles and maintaining profitability and social impact. International environmental policies are driving companies towards green operations. The use of recycled materials and achieving renewable design have become important goals.

Renewable design requires higher standards, as the characteristics of recycled materials differ from virgin plastics and can affect the molding process. Traditional design methods need to shift towards renewable technologies to produce circular plastics. Through Moldex3D mold flow analysis software and material data, the following can be easily achieved:

- Validating renewable designs
- Early identification of potential issues caused by materials
- Finding the optimal solutions

These technologies assist businesses in effectively implementing renewable design, thus maintaining a balance between profitability and social impact within the realm of green operations.

Amid the intensifying climate crisis, the world is taking robust measures to curb carbon emissions, propelling the electric vehicle era. This transformation not only redefines the automotive sector but also reshapes the semiconductor IC chip market. Recognizing this trend early on, Moldex3D has deeply engaged in this arena.

Moldex3D has emerged as a preeminent player in IC packaging simulation, providing comprehensive 3D solutions that address the soaring demand for IC chips in electric vehicles while ensuring heightened reliability.

Furthermore, composite materials have gained prominence, particularly for vehicle lightweighting and embracing renewable energy. Moldex3D's extensive research has resulted in patented solutions, offering simulations for various composite products and processes, including injection molding, compression molding (SMC/BMC/GMT/D-LFT), RTM processes, and thermoplastic carbon fiber composite molding.

Leveraging its expertise, Moldex3D plays a pivotal role in advancing green energy products and actively contributing to environmental protection efforts.

Moldex3D Technology Forum

Don‘t forget to stop by the Moldex3D booth (Hall 1, 11902) to get a firsthand experience of these state-of-the-art technologies!


  Time Session Language
Nov 28 (Tue) 13:30 ​In the calculation only inside moldbase enough?​
You can do it better with Moldex3D!​
Saeilo Japan | Shinichi Imashima​
15:00 Introduction to Moldex3D basic features and case studies​
JSOL ​| Daisuke Takahashi​

Nov 29 (Wed) 11:00 The realization of non-stop injection molding with instant vacuum venting technology
Plamoul Seiko
13:30 Introduction to Moldex3D basic features and collaborative application cases​
JSOL ​| Sean Wang​
15:00 The molding analysis of heat & cool technologies​
Matsui Universal Joint​

 Nov 30 (Thu) 11:00 Introduction to Moldex3D basic features and collaborative application cases​
JSOL ​| Seiya Maki​
13:30 Improvement of molding defects using Moldex3D!​  
– Verifying the effectiveness of air vents​

Saeilo Japan | Masato Goto​
15:00 Introduction to Moldex3D basic features and case studies​
JSOL ​| Daisuke Takahashi​

Dec 1 (Fri) 11:00 Automation to improve time performance of molding analysis – Moldex3D API​
Saeilo Japan | Seonggyun Jeong​
13:30 Introduction to Moldex3D basic features and collaborative application cases​
JSOL ​| Sean Wang​
15:00 Plastics required for the next generation​
Akimoto Consulting Office | Akimoto Hideo​

Dec 2 (Sat) 11:00 Introduction to Moldex3D basic features and collaborative application cases​
JSOL ​| Seiya Maki​

Moldex3D 2023

What new features will help your design?

Moldex3D 2023 continues to make great leaps in molding simulation accuracy and simulation capabilities. Digital twin technology is also integrated into the system to capture variables in the actual environment, helping industry achieve digital transformation, maximize manufacturing efficiency, and reduce trial time and costs.

Moldex3D Studio

- Create Your Customized Reports
- Advanced Measurement Tools
- Save Calculation Time
- New API Feature

Higher Accuracy in Digital Twin

Upgrades Simulation Capabilities

- What is Going on inside the Barrel
- Advanced Warpage Analysis
- Fiber-Orientation Simulation
- Composite Material Molding


November 28 (Tue.) – December 2 (Sat.), 2023
10:00-17:00 [Last day 16:00]


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