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After a six-year hiatus, CHINAPLAS 2024 makes a powerful return to Shanghai, showcasing top-notch achievements of high-end manufacturing, intelligent production, and green manufacturing in plastics and rubber industries. This event aims to assist plastics and rubber industries in fully realizing high-endization, intelligentization, and greenization. It provides professionals from various fields with solutions to explore innovation, enhance efficiency, and address market trends. Meanwhile, technological innovation becomes the key to high-quality development for the industries.
We sincerely invite you to visit the Moldex3D booth (Hall 5.2 F01) to experience the leading technology and innovative applications of plastic mold flow analysis. In this challenging times, Moldex3D will showcase our cutting-edge solutions to help you stand out in the competitive market and seize every possible opportunity. We look forward to your presence, and together we usher in a new era of plastic mold flow analysis!

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Highlights of Moldex3D 2024 New Features

Enhanced Simulation Capabilities

Enhance solver functionalities to provide more accurate warpage analysis and expand simulation support for various processes.

High-Speed Work Efficiency

Utilize more powerful meshing tools and lightweight result visualization, along with a comparison feature for up to eight groups of results, to quickly obtain optimal parameters.

Big Data Smart Management

Rapidly accumulate big data assets in design and manufacturing, and support carbon footprint calculations to address industry challenges effectively.

Expanded Cloud Platform Services

Explore professional plastic material libraries and machine characteristic measurement services on the Moldiverse cloud platform, and access educational resources and the latest industry information through University.

Moldex3D X Chinaplas 2024

— Spearheading Innovation in New Energy Vehicles —

Due to current consumer trends and policy initiatives, the market for new energy vehicles is now thriving, in which connected car technology is considered an indispensable key part. In addition, the enhancement of safety levels is viewed as the cornerstone of high-quality development in the automotive industry. CHINAPLAS focuses on three main themes: intelligent cabins, environmental health, and safe control, dedicating to providing cutting-edge technologies and process application solutions for the automotive industry. By taking a deep dive into issues such as intelligent travel, energy conservation, and environmental health, it aims to shape an innovative future for the automotive industry and help enhance the sustainability.
The global demand for the performance and reliability of integrated circuits (IC) is on the rise, and the packaging technology is a key driving force for industry development. Moldex3D not only offers various professional simulation solutions for composite molding process, but also possesses advanced IC packaging simulation solutions and potting simulation. We sincerely invite you to visit the Moldex3D booth to experience the latest developments in packaging technology.

Battery Module

Battery modules are considered the core of electric vehicles, and with the continuous advancement of plastic technology, compression molding have become the fastest-growing options in battery module manufacturing. This process offers four major advantages: low mold costs, flexible design, lightweighting, and increased safety. By focusing on the application of plastic materials, Moldex3D 2024 can address various challenges in production, elevating process levels to new heights.

Sensors and ICs

With the demand for intelligence, safety, and autonomous driving, the number of sensors and ICs required in electric vehicles will significantly increase. However, meeting automotive standards is not simple and requires properties such as lightweight, insulation performance, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance to ensure reliable operation in complex vehicle environments. Moldex3D 2024 introduces industry-leading electronic potting and IC packaging solutions to effectively prevent potential defects, optimize designs through simulation, and eliminate problems and uncertainties.

Interior and Exterior

Plastic materials have gradually become the core of interior and exterior development in electric vehicles. As parts directly facing passengers, interior and exterior trim in electric vehicles must not only meet comfort and aesthetics but also possess functionality and safety. This presents a unique challenge for plastic processes. With the strengthened functionalities in Moldex3D 2024, you can identify optimal production parameters during the simulation phase, thereby improving quality and accelerating production output.

Moldex3D Tech Forum

During the exhibition, we cordially invite you to visit Moldex3D’s booth (5.2 F01) daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Moreover, this year, we’ll host a Moldex3D Tech Forum that features a series of captivating technical talks. Attendees at Chinaplas will have the opportunity to dive into the latest trends and innovations through these talks. However, please note that all talks will be presented entirely in Chinese.

Chinaplas 2024


April 23-26. 2024



National Exhibition and Convention Center
Shanghai, China

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