The Engineering Simulation Show

The Roundhouse at Derby is the world’s first and oldest surviving railway roundhouse and is steeped in engineering history. It was originally developed in 1839 by four rival rail companies, including North Midland Railway (NMR) for whom George Stephenson and his son Robert were engineers. Roundhouses were designed for servicing locomotives – the engine that pulls a train – as early steam locomotives could normally only travel forwards and not in reverse. Later locomotives could travel in reverse but not as well as they could forward.

This great architectural object is going to be the venue for this year’s Engineering Simulation Show. Moldex3D is very happy to announce its presence at the event. The Carriage Shop Library will be divided into two key presentation spaces: Lecture Theatre A and Lecture Theatre B. For more details and the agenda go to:

You can’t miss this show!


DERBY CITY – Next to Derby Train Station CENTRE The Roundhouse, Roundhouse Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JE

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