Technologies in The Injection Molding Industry

New technologies and rapid development of existing technologies is the reality we are all a part of and thus is the injection molding industry. Either the technologies developed directly in the injection molding industry, or technologies that are refined so that they support the industry.

The technologies cover a wide range of markets from design to production. The goal of these technologies is to ultimately achieve reduced development time, better productivity and quality, and thereby improve earnings.

If you are interested in technology development, then you have the chance to learn about several interesting technologies at our event; including Metal Injection Moulding (MIM / PIM), prediction of material properties of fiber-filled materials and 「Conformal cooling」 with Laser sintered cores.

By making simulations with Moldex3D you can see the effect of the chosen solution visualized. Upon it, the development engineers can make the right decisions early in the development stage, and purse the perfect product and production cycle. Injection molding simulations is therefore a natural part of the development and a large part of the seminar.


Time Topic Speaker
09:30 Registration, coffee and breakfast  
10:00 Welcome. Mads Jespersen, FlowHow ®
10:05 Development and design of a modern household products. Design with plastic injection molding simulation in practice. Rene Hougaard Design Fredericia Furniture A / S
10:25 The simulation of the displacement of the heat impact on the filling cycle. Inlet’s impact on the material and product quality. Peer Guldbrandsen, FlowHow ®
10:50 Material properties in the finished product. The coupling of material properties from the flow simulation to the structure analysis. Example of how material parameters from flow simulations can continue to structural simulation, increasing the quality and precision of the virtual development Morten Philip, Oticon
11:20 Vision and Future Development of Moldex3D. Presentation of the coming features of Moldex3D R15 and roadmap of Moldex3D, with an emphasis on advanced composite manufacturing, Venny Yang, Moldex3D (English)
11:50 Lunch  
13:00 Metal Injection Moulding (MIM). Injection molding technology is used to shape the part before the final sintering. Simulation is used to find the right solutions for the production. Poul Søgaard, Sintex
13:30 Conformal cooling, from project to operation. LEGO has investigated the potential of “direct metal AM (Additive Manufacturing)” technology for the production of tool cores for high-volume production of high quality items. Advantages and disadvantages of the technology George W. Rasmussen, LEGO
14:00 Coffee break  
14:20 Simulation of the cooling conditions in the injection molding tools. Simulations are a good tool to make the right cooling decisions. How different cooling methods impact the cycle time and part quality. Ordinary steel cores, compared with MoldMAX and Conformal cooling. Mads Jespersen, FlowHow ®
14:50 Thanks and farewell. Mads Jespersen, FlowHow ®


Trinity Hotel & Conference Center, Gl. Færgevej 30, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark

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