At NPE 2024, Moldex3D will showcase the exciting features of Moldex3D 2024 and engage in insightful discussions about the future of the plastics industry, focusing on the circular economy. We aim to highlight Moldex3D’s crucial role in guiding customers through this evolving landscape. Join us at our booth for a wealth of information and to schedule an appointment.
NPE, held once every three years, is a testament to the enduring history and immense scale of the American plastics industry. Over five days, the exhibition unfolds in the West and South Halls of the Orange County Convention Center, featuring 2,000 booths from over 110 countries, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest industry developments.

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Moldex3D 2024

As electric vehicles rise to prominence on the global stage, the plastics industry finds itself at the forefront of a transformative era. In contrast to conventional metal counterparts, plastics offer a superior ability to align with evolving industry dynamics. They excel in areas such as lightweight design, energy conservation, eco-consciousness, cost-effectiveness, adaptable design options, and stringent performance criteria.

Moldex3D 2024 stands as the beacon of future manufacturing, empowering businesses with its fundamental capabilities. Aligned with prevailing global shifts, it sets new standards of excellence within the industry.

Moldex3D's Advanced Simulation Solutions

As the world moves towards greener and more technologically advanced manufacturing practices, industries face a paradigm shift. The trends of sustainability, Electric Vehicles (EV), battery manufacturing, Smart Surface Manufacturing and lightweight are at the forefront of this transformation. Each of these areas presents unique challenges, where Moldex3D’s advanced simulation solutions emerge as vital tools for innovation and efficiency.
Moldex3D Solutions to these challenges:
Moldex3D stands at the forefront, providing advanced simulation solutions to navigate these challenges. Our expertise in material optimization, tooling design, process simulation, and waste reduction empowers manufacturers to embrace eco-friendly practices without compromising efficiency or quality. Come visit us at NPE to explore the future of manufacturing and discover how Moldex3D can propel your business toward success in this dynamic industry.

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