Molding Innovation Day – India 2022 – Moldex3D University (Plastics E-Learning) & Moldex3D Material Hub Cloud

  • Date:Jan 28, 2022
  • Location: India

Upcoming Dates

Date Time  
January 28, 2022 11:30 to 12:30 India Time Closed



In our busy schedule, it is difficult to find onsite or online tutorial to get more, detailed, and instant knowledge about plastic product design, mold design, plastic materials, molding process etc. For this purpose, we can’t go back to our academic campus too. How to handle it?

New or substitute material selection for our new and existing project is very important one to ensure the final product quality. While using traditional approach, we may to need to depend on others opinion and needs to spend additional time along with extra investment. How to avoid it?

Here Moldex3D has solution in user friendly way. Let join our webinar to get more insights about our new products.

What You Will Learn

Moldex3D University E-Learning (MPE) – designer/expert/operator/research scholar/student/professor… can login our university page at any time and get instant and detailed knowledge about plastic product/mold design, plastic materials, molding process, runner system etc.

Moldex3D Material Hub Cloud – We designed this page in more user-friendly way. Anyone can reach this page and then find the suitable material for their existing and new projects instantly. It may need less than a minute.

Both tools will save your time and money and provide the solution instantly. Any additional or special skills are NOT needed to utilize these tools.



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