Improve CAE-Test Correlation of Fibre-filled Plastic Parts

  • Date:Jul 02, 2021
  • Location: Online
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:30 AM IST

Sumika Polymer, Moldex3D and Hexagon come together to demonstrate to you the benefits of advanced material modelling and taking into account manufacturing process to design most optimized parts made up of fibre-filled polymers. 

In this Webinar we will take you through a live example on what challenges you may face when dealing with fibre filled plastics.

We will demonstrate the following on a real part:

  • How to export injection moulding results such as fibre orientation and weldlines from Moldex3D for the purpose of mapping these effects on your structural model.
  • How to use Digimat’s material exchange platform to access high-fidelity Sumika’s Thermofil grades for various performance. Know about the advanced Thermofil grade to enhance performance with reduced cost.
  • Replace your structural model’s native material card with advanced Digimat anisotropic card and map the Moldex3D results to your structural model.
  • Difference in results from using an isotropic model versus fully anisotropic material model with manufacturing effects.
  • Risks of using isotropic material models in simulation and opportunities of anisotropic methods for fibre-filled parts.


Mr. Tarun Maity
Techical Manager, Sumika Polymer Compounds

Tarun is Polymer expert and have over 15 years of experience in automotive industry. He has done his Masters in Polymer Science & Tech from Calcutta University.


Mr. Marirajan Ramachandran
Technical Manager – South India, Core Tech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D)

Marirajan Ramachandran has 15+ years’ experience in Plastic Molding and Plastic Flow simulation domain. He has done Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical engineering – Madurai Kamaraj university.

During this period, as a Moldex3D user he given enormous solutions to various organizations to improve their product quality and to overcome their long-lasting molding issues and as a Moldex3D technical supporter he given lot of technical support & training activities to various organizer’s team members those who are from Design, Production, Tool making and engineering and management departments. Through his excellent organizational skills and ability, he is managing multiple assets and tasks to reach CTS goals in timely and cost-effective manner.


Mr. Soumik Chakrabarty
Manager – Business Development, ICME (Materials), Hexagon MSC Software

Soumik has been associated with MSC Software India for over a decade. During the early days, he was working to support Global clients in MSC’s advanced nonlinear analyses suites, MSC Marc and Nastran SOL400. He then went on to handle Fatigue and Optimization solutions from MSC and was involved with most Automotive customers in India to set up CAE processes, technical upskilling, handling PoC’s and has concluded several key projects.

Currently he is responsible for business growth of Materials/ICME solution in the Indo-Pacific region, specialising in materials lifecycle management and multi-scale modelling of heterogeneous materials, mainly composites and reinforced plastics.

Soumik has a bachelor’s degree in Production and a master’s degree in Automotive Engineering.














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