Growing Your Business through Computational Modeling

  • Date:Apr 26, 2012
  • Location: Perrysburg, OH, USA

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Thursday, April 26th 10:00 am-1:30 pm Holiday Inn French Quarter ,10630 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg, OH 43551 Moldex3D and PolymerOhio

Manufacturing is growing again in the U.S.! That growth is fueled by a transition to 「next generation manufacturing.」 In order to compete in the global market, polymer companies must convert their 「old style」 manufacturing approach into the next generation of more productive and, therefore, more profitable businesses.

U.S. manufacturers continue to hold a lead in productivity over competing companies in other countries. However, the governments of these countries realize this fact and some, such and China and India, are helping their companies improve productivity through applications of advanced modeling and simulation in order to 「catch up」 to the superior manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. Consequently, it is important that U.S. companies meet the challenge and continue to improve their productivity to maintain U.S. leadership.

At the core of next generation manufacturing is application of modeling and simulation software. For decades, large companies have applied modeling and simulation to significantly reduce the cost of doing business. Small- and mid-sized companies have not been able to participate in these highly efficient approaches because of:

  • High cost of software
  • Requirement for more costly hardware
  • Need for trained staff to apply the software
  • Cost of IT support

PolymerOhio, an Ohio Edison Technology Center, has developed the 「Polymer Portal」 in collaboration with the Ohio Supercomputer Center. This unique resource will provide affordable access to productivity-enhancing software and training in its use on your desktop computer.

The Portal is now available to model mold flow analysis and twin-screw extrusion as well as applying lean principles to job shops and best practices in supply chain management.

The Polymer Portal in partnership with Moldex3D North America will offer a 「Lunch and Learn」 opportunity for your company during which your staff can learn about how to apply this sophisticated but easy to use next-generation computational software to improve your business and increase your profits.

Who should attend: Part Designers, Mold Designers, Mold Builders, Injection Molders.


10:00    Welcome – Perspective on the value of computational modeling
10:15    General Description of Benefits of Using Mold Flow Analysis
11:00    Demonstration of Applications of Moldex3D – GET A FREE ANALYSIS: Attendees may provide CAD files of molds for use in the demonstrations.  Contact Dan McWilliams, to arrange for this service
12:15    Lunch and attendee discussions
13:00    Problem solving with Moldex3D
13:30    Adjourn


Dr. Anthony Yang
Dr. Anthony Yang has been the core developer of Moldex3D and Board Member of the Moldex3D company. Dr. Yang is currently at the position of Chief Technology Officer to devote his time in coordinating between the users and development team. With his dedicated contribution, the first 3D solvers for molding process commercial software, were then developed and populated by the industry worldwide. His development achievement is truly magnificent as most active Moldex3D users have been utilizing the 3D solvers founded upon the kernels developed by Dr. Yang for almost 10 years. Dr. Yang received his PhD degree in chemical engineering from Taiwan Tsing-Hua University and has more than ten years experiences in computer simulation and IC encapsulation research. Dr. Yang has published up to 50 papers globally from his field of study and received the simulation CAE patents in Taiwan.


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