eDesignSYNC Webinar Series from Moldex3D – Molding Wednesdays!

  • Date:Oct 29, 2014 - Nov 05, 2014
  • Location: Online

Moldex3D provides an integrated solution for the leading CAD systems form SolidWorks, PTC and Siemens. eDesignSYNC is a Moldex3D product developed to make the designer’s work flow fluent and convenient. Users can do the whole process of setting up the mold, generating mesh and setting up the run in their familiar CAD interface. What is more the post processing is also done without leaving the CAD system!

The webinar series is designed as follow up to the eDesignSYNC free trials, where anybody could download the integration for 60 days free usage.
We had a great number of downloads and it’s just natural to follow with hands on online workshops for those who want more of Moldex3D!
Molding Wednesdays is a unique series of webinars that will take place across two months – October and November 2014, at 11.00am Central European time (UTC+2).

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Webinar Schedule

  • October 15th 2014 – eDesignSYNC for SolidWorks, 11.00 am (UTC+2)(Central European Standard Time)
    The first in our series will be the webinar dedicated to the integration with SolidWorks. Whether you are SolidWorks user or not, please feel invited! The webinar is a comprehensive walk – through the pre and post processing, everything in the SolidWorks interface! 
  • October 29th 2014 – eDesignSYNC for Creo, 11.00 am (UTC+1)(Central European Standard Time)
    Second in the series will be the webinar dedicated to Creo and our integration. It has been quite a few years since we started cooperation with PTC:
    “The new release of Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R12.0 for PTC® Creo® fully integrates CAE insights early into the design phase to maximize manufacturability and accelerate design process. The upgraded interface ensures a seamless design-analysis environment, significantly improving cross functional collaboration,”- Michael Campbell, Executive Vice President, CAD segment, PTC, June 2013 
  • November 5th 2014 – eDesignSYNC for NX, 11.00 am (UTC+1)(Central European Standard Time)
    Last session will be dedicated to our integration with NX from SIEMENS.
    “NX has been a global leader in the design of high-end plastic product and mold tooling in a wide variety of industries. We believe that incorporating Moldex3D CAE technologies will further enhance our customers’ ability to validate designs upfront and solve design bottlenecks. The EasyFill Analysis in NX 8.5 demonstrates our commitment to bringing integrated design and manufacturing simulation solutions for plastic parts to our customers,”
    said Jim Rusk , Senior Vice President of Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software. 

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