12th International LS-DYNA Users Conference

12th International LS-DYNA User Conference is an excellent occasion to meet LS-DYNA users and share LS-DYNA applications in difference areas. Presentations will cover various LS-DYNA related topics, new developments and new applications from academic and industrial engineers. You will be able to obtain information about the latest software and hardware developments related to LS-DYNA. Moldex3D will be attending the conference and share our complete structure optimization solution, Moldex3D FEA Interface.

Moldex3D FEA Interface helps users to introduce the process-induced properties, such as fiber orientation, density distribution, residual stress, initial strain, EOP temperature, EOC temperature, etc, into structural FEA Software. With direct translation of the mesh and material properties into LS-DYNA formats, Moldex3D FEA Interface not only simply the analysis process but also help LS-DYNA users obtain  accurate and reliable simulation results.

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