Hands-on Workshop: Simulation Data Management – using iSLM Personal version

  • Date:Jun 06, 2023
  • Location: Leiria, Portugal


Moldex3D iSLM is a data management platform designed for plastic molding industry to centralize data throughout the entire product lifecycle, such as mold try out result, simulation result, and DFM record.  Currently 3 versions are provided:

  • Advanced: for cross-team collaboration, including product design, mold design, CAE, and mold tryout team.
  • Professional: for CAE team collaboration
  • Personal: for individual CAE engineer

In this workshop we will introduce iSLM personal version through a series of hands-on exercises.

Who will need iSLM personal

  • Users who have worked on a good amount of Moldex3D projects but without a decent management system.
  • Users who need to decide preliminary process setting based on previous experience.
  • Users who need to quickly evaluate and compare several similar projects.

During this workshop, participants can expect to ….

  • Explore the fundamental functions of iSLM
  • Seamlessly integrate iSLM into their daily simulation work
  • Apply iSLM in practical situations


Time Topic Details
9:00-10:30 Introduction
  • What is iSLM
  • Differentiating between Personal and Private Cloud versions (Adv&Pro)
Hand-on exercise
  • iSLM personal installation
  • Import Moldex3D projects
  • Essential features(Sync, Classification, Search, Dashboard, etc)
  • General workflow
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12:30 Practical application
  • utilizing iSLM to assist mold and process design
iSLM advanced version
full function trial
  • Comparing mold tryout with simulation.
  • Cross-team collaboration


Rua da Fonte, lote 23 r/c dto. Quinta de Santo António 2415-573 Leiria


Teresa Neves
Emai: geral@simulflow.pt
Tel: +351 244 825 859

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