Altair APA Partner Tech Day in Germany

  • Date:Oct 24, 2013
  • Location: Boblingen, Germany

This is a one day industry focused event that will provide technical enrichment to attendees on the solutions available to them from the Partners and Altair. There will be two tracks going parallel throughout the day in two separate rooms. Participating partners will have two tracks in one day, the first for lecture and the second for a brief introductory training.

About Moldex3D Lecture

The latest simulation tools from Moldex3D enhance product designer to validate their plastic parts simultaneously. The effect of each product modification can be followed without consulting a CAE expert by using Moldex3D eDesign Sync, which is directly embedded in the CAD-environment.

The results of a Moldex3D injection molding simulation provide a most accurate base for further structural analysis in consideration of manufacturing properties like fiber orientation, welding lines and more.

About Moldex3D Intro Training Course:

  • The fastest way to set up a 3D simulation environment in Moldex3D
  • Quick analysis for common injection molding failures.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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