Why iSLM?

Many CAE expert may be familiar with finding some simulation files that hidden somewhere in a file folder on a computer or opening each Moldex3D project to see if the results or process setting is what you need. iSLM is an intelligent simulation lifecycle management system that helps CAE expert to overcome these challenges. iSLM is a web-based system that enables multiple teams to access and easily find the correct data for solving specific issues that induced by manufacturing process. With iSLM system, CAE expert can not only reduce time to find solution but also improve time to market.

 What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • The web-based system enables user to access without complicated installation process.
  • Gather and store Moldex3D projects features save time and efforts in file copy and a lot of email connection.
  • Allow user to categorize and add note to Moldex3D projects for specific need.
  • Visualizing Moldex3D results and allowing users directly view Moldex3D results in iSLM.
  • Allow user to record and attach file to Moldex3D projects.
  • Intelligent search function helping user to find correct data quickly and improve productivity.
  • Account management function facilitates for collaboration between global teams. With authority management, the access privileges can be managed for protecting and securing data.
  • File server management function saves hardware cost and it’s easy to extend server capability.

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