on 08/07/2017

 When it comes to simulation, the goal is clear: providing accurate analysis results in a timely and responsive manner. Moldex3D Cloud Extension, powered by High Computing Performance (HPC) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables businesses of all sizes to rapidly expand simulation capabilities and migrate heavy simulation workloads to the cloud to address spikes in customer demand, without the need to purchase additional licenses. This helps cut down wait time and offer greater flexibility and agility to fit different business needs.   
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 Why Moldex3D Cloud Extension?

Full Access to the Newest Simulation Capabilities, Always Up-To-Date
Get full access to many basic and advanced features in the latest release of Moldex3D, such as In-mold Decoration, Compression Molding, Foam Injection Molding, and so on, to broaden your simulation capabilities at lower cost.
Serve Multiple Users, Run Multiple Analyses Simultaneously
Allow businesses to move heavy simulation workloads to the cloud without paying any additional license fees. Users can run a large number of analysis jobs at the same time to address demand spikes and shorten lead times.
Expedite Your Simulation Jobs with HPC on AWS
Leverage 16 cores to execute a single simulation job, which greatly reduces the time it takes to sequentially process analysis jobs at high volume and help to reduce development cycle.
Easy Configuration and Affordable Simulation Environment
Provide users with a simple and intuitive self-services portal to run and manage analysis jobs. Businesses of all sizes can save tremendous amounts of money on maintaining IT infrastructure, and match the costs with actual usage without exceeding a set budget.
Empower CAE Teams to Work Effectively and Securely
Enable your team members across the entire product development process to manage, track and share simulation data anywhere, anytime, removing geographic barriers.
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