Webinar: How to Optimize Gate Locations to Improve Moldability- 10:00 AM CET

  • Date:Jan 09, 2019
  • Location: 10:00 AM CET/2:30 PM IST

10:00 AM CET/2:30 PM IST | Wednesday, January 9, 2019 | Check Your Time

Choosing the proper gate location for your plastic part has long been a top challenge. Improper gate locations will cause molding problems, such as jetting, voids, sink marks, flow marks, weld lines, etc., affecting cosmetic appearance and mechanical properties of the molded part. In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of how Moldex3D’s simulation capabilities can help part designers and mold makers quickly analyze multiple gate designs and evaluate the effects of different gate locations on part quality, eliminating multiple and expensive iterations.

What will be covered in this webinar

  • Gate Design Considerations
  • Gate Location Guidance and Optimization with Moldex3D Simulation Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Q&A


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