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Happy Technical Hour will be held on 28, May, 2019 at 18:00 to 19:30, for the purpose of Moldex3D SDM project presenting, namely Smart Design and Manufacturing, and particularly addresses medical aspect, which perfectly fits Industry 4.0 program.

The capacity for innovation and renewal is now linked to the competition of companies. Moldex3D is a first-rate software in the field of molding, and therefore serves to create a better condition to obtain a high-quality product and to optimize the process. The production process is absolutely decisive from many points of view: quality of product, cost of production and environmental impact. Thus, Moldex3D is the best solution for complicated process during producing!

The meeting will include absolutely new and original topics, showing a perfect union between the virtual world and the real world of stamping machines.

  • Simulation of plastic injection processes in medical industry
  • SDM Smart Design and Manufacturing system
  • Product and process optimization
  • Project sustainability (eco-system)
  • The materials
  • Case studies (Deantronics, Widex, SimpaTec, S.T.U.S.T)
  • Testimonials from two customers (RB and BVA)


Sala del Foyer del Teatro Nuovo
Piazza Costituente 74, Mirandola Modena, Italy



Registration: email to info@moldex3d.it indicating 2019 Medical Event, with Name, Surname, Company, Telephone

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