on 02/25/2015

Third Prize
TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd.
Solving Air Traps in BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) Automotive Headlight Reflectors


BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) reflectors are one of the most important components of headlights. Molding BMC reflectors is quite challenging due to the high surface quality requirements; surface defects will cause problems in the aluminizing process. In this case, TYC needed to overcome the quality issue of air traps in the mold to meet the demands from the customer.

TYC used Moldex3D Advanced for filling simulation analysis of the BMC reflector part. The analysis result accurately identified where the air traps would be in the original design. Moreover, Moldex3D helped TYC validate how changes to gate locations and wall thickness can affect air trapping before making physical changes in tools.


  • Eliminated air traps
  • Reduced costly physical prototypes

Software used:

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