on 02/25/2015

Third Prize
The Ohio State University
Microinjection Molded Miniature Freeform Alvarez Lenses

Microinjection molding is a mass production method to fabricate affordable optical components. However, the intense nature of this process often results in part deformation and uneven refractive index distribution. These two factors limit the precision of replicated optics.

In order to understand the influences of injection molding to freeform optical devices, in this study, Moldex3D’s finite element method (FEM) was employed to investigate the miniature microinjection molded Alvarez lenses. In addition, Moldex3D was also used to explain the differences between the nominal and experimentally measured wavefront patterns of the microinjection molded Alvarez lenses.


  • Utilized the information of part deformation and uneven refractive index to calculate the optical aberrations of the injection molded Alvarez lens
  • Significantly increase production yields by 99%
  • Compensated optical aberration by modifying the original surface to obtain ideal MTF results

Software used:

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