on 02/25/2015

Second Prize
National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
The Study of Volumetric Shrinkage using Zirconia Ceramic for Artificial Dental Roots with Two-shot Sequential Molding Application

As opposed to using conventional molding, one of the concerns of applying MCM process in manufacturing is the interchangeable mechanism between the different materials. When two or more materials are injected in the mold to form a part, the intricate interface between the different materials and the complexity of the geometric design are strongly related to the final product quality. Molding problems like an imbalanced flow behavior might lead to undesirable defects such as stress concentration or residual stress which ultimately influences the interface bonding strength and the overall product life span. Therefore, potential molding problems for example, product shrinkage and deformation might occur due to the different material properties and geometric part designs, and the quality of the finished products might be compromised.

Utilize Moldex3D simulation to analyze PIM and MCM processes in order to further determine the proper product structure design and examine potential molding problems, such as short shots, air traps, excessive pressure, uneven cooling, or warpage. In order to improve the product quality, NKUAS resorted to Moldex3D’s solutions to simulate PIM and MCM processes to further observe the phase separation phenomenon of the powder and the adhesive, and visualize insert molding in hopes of determining the most optimized design. The accurate prediction on the powder density and distribution prevented the occurrence of stress concentration and residual stress and the ultimate goal of reducing volumetric shrinkage and product warpage could be achieved.


  • Improved powder concentration distribution
  • Solved warpage problem
  • Enhanced the part quality by 71.15%

Software used:

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