What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Visualize dynamic filling patterns of skin and core materials
  • Predict potential defects, including flow imbalance, core penetration, etc.
  • Predict shrinkage and warpage concerning the interaction between skin and core materials
  • Predict viscosity and density distributions to improve plastic uniformity and strength
  • Evaluate the switch point from skin injection to core injection
  • Optimize process conditions, such as gate placement, injection pressure, or clamping force
  • Optimize skin thickness and evaluate maximum core advancement ratio for advanced structural analysis

Applicable Industries

Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Product

What Is Co-Injection Molding?

Co-Injection Molding is a sequential injection molding process. The skin material, followed by the core material, is firstly injected into the mold cavity and continues the injection to encapsulate the core. The process is able to bring better strength and impact performance of plastics, which also benefits companies on environment protection and cost reduction.


Industrial Challenges

  • Optimize the combination of two material properties
  • Determine the optimal distribution ratio of skin material to core material
  • Avoid core surfacing problem, such as blow through
  • Maximize overall flow performance ratio of skin to core materials

Explore Moldex3D’s Capabilities

  • Visualize the flow behaviors of skin and core materials before and after breakthrough happens
  • Predict the core expansion region near the breakthrough area
  • Optimize geometry thickness and process conditions based on blow through prediction
 co-injection-2 co-injection-3
  • Consider temperature imbalance and pressure resistance variations of skin layer and center core
  • Predict potential defective locations under high temperature and stress.
 co-injection-4 co-injection-5
End of skin filling End of core filling
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