Why Co-injection Molding Simulation?

Co-injection molding process produces a plastic part with a skin and core laminated structure. The skin material is firstly injected into the mold, followed by the core material, and the machine injects skin material again to encapsulate the core. Therefore, a product can be made with desired appearance of outside skin material. With this character, co-injection molding is widely used to enable regrind and reprocessed materials as the 2nd shot core material, which brings environment benefits and cost reduction. Furthermore, the process is able to provide product strength and performance with high-impact plastics as core materials.

In addition to the fact that building a co-injection machine may requires hot runner system, control valve gates, and two barrels, which produces higher cost than a traditional injection molding machine, the main challenge faced today is to determine the optimal ratio of skin material to core material and track interface shape and distribution of individual components at any time and location in a cavity, which is critical for mechanical properties. Moldex3D provides powerful modeling solutions that allow users to obtain insights of critical characteristics of the process such as material interface and distribution, and therefore benefits companies on process optimization and development cost savings.

Explore Moldex3D’s Capabilities for Co-injection Molding

  • Evaluate the flow front pattern to aid in part design and gate placement.
  • Predict the penetration of the core material and the skin break through point.
  • Determine injection pressure and clamping force for proper molding machine selection.
  • Optimize the switch point from skin injection to core injection.
  • For advanced structural analyses, provide skin thickness distribution.
  • Detect potential defective locations with high temperature and stress.
  • For spec requirement, precisely estimate shrinkage and warpage concerning the interaction between skin and core materials.

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