Webinar: New Advancements in Lightweight Simulation Solutions- 10:30 AM CEST

  • Date:Jul 25, 2018
  • Location: 10:30 AM CEST/2:00 PM IST

10:30 AM CEST/2:00 PM IST | Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | Check Your Time

In recent years, the manufacturing industry is witnessing a massive shift towards the use of lightweight materials, such as carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics and other composite materials to enable lightweight products. However, this shift also creates many challenges. One of the key issues is how to balance product weight and strength?

This webinar will help you understand the role of computer-aided engineering solutions in lightweighting and how you can leverage simulation tools to help you fully exploit the benefits of lightweight materials and applications to produce lighter, stronger parts.

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Topics include:

  • An Overview of Moldex3D Simulation Solutions for Lightweight Components
    • Resin Transfer Molding
    • SMC Compression Molding
    • GMT Compression Molding
    • PU Chemical Foaming
    • Microcellular Foam Injection Molding
    • Gas/Water-Assisted Injection Molding
  • Prediction and Characterization of Lightweight Materials
    • Prediction of fiber orientation and breakage
    • Permeability measurement of fiber preform
  • How Can Moldex3D Help Balance Weight and Strength?
    • Digimat RP/FEA interface
  • Customer Use Cases
  • Q&A


Dr. Tober Sun
Director, Moldex3D Material Research Center

Tober Sun graduated from the Department of Material Science in the University of Connecticut and received his Doctor Degree of Chemical and Bio-Engineering . He has been working on composite and polymer processing field for more than 10 years. Before joining Moldex3D, he worked in Eli Lilly and Co. and Teleflex Medical to develop pharmaceutical and biomedical polymer/composite devices.

He is currently the Director of Moldex3D Material Research Center. His team focuses on material testing and CAE technique research. He has been assisting many Moldex3D customers in the field of automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace and etc. He also leads the material testing center to develop new characterization technology.


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