Molding Innovation Days 2014: Le Mans, France

  • Date:Sep 16, 2014
  • Location: Le Mans, France

As last year’s great success of Molding Innovation Day, CoreTech System (Moldex3D) now is going to bring to this worldwide series events to Le Mans, France on 16th of September, 2014! This meeting is designed to help Moldex3D users and prospects to get the most out of Moldex3D products. Please join us for this special event to discuss these advanced molding simulation technologies and how they can be applied in your industry. We look forward to seeing you!

Moldex3D Speaker

Mister CT Huang graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, United States, with the PhD in Chemical Engineering. He specializes in; Physical Properties of Polymers, Polymer Processing Simulation Analysis; theory and practice, Plastic Optical Components Development and Optical Application Analysis. Mister Huang has got a very wide expertise from a number of industries, like polymer processing and semiconductor packaging just to name few. Years of experience and deep technical knowledge of the injection molding process, make him the perfect candidate to ask questions and learn of the new technologies developed at CoreTech System (Moldex3D). He will be happy to discuss any nurturing problems and help you with your injection molding process. Take the advantage of this rare opportunity and join our Molding Innovation Day!


Time Duration Company Presentation Speaker
09h00 5min IAM Introduction M. GLANGEAUD
09h05 5min SimpaTec Introduction Fabien BUCHY
09h10 60 min Moldex3D Composites and RTM in Moldex3D R13 Dr. CT HUANG
10h10 20min CEMCAT / ESTACA The art of simulation in the produit/process with different methods Stéphane GILLET / Patrick DEWAILLY
10h30 20min CEMCAT Simulation of RTM with thermosetting and thermoplastic materials Patrick DEWAILLY
10h50 30 min Break
11h20 25min TREXEL The Mucell technology and its whole Martin JACOBI
11h45 20 min eXstream Coupling between Moldex3D and Digimat Sandra CHERUBINI
12h05 25 min Excell Corp. Innovation of process and materials Franck BOLLAERT
12h30 75min Lunch break
    Demo session
13h45 30min SimpaTec New features in Moldex3D R13 Fabien BUCHY
14h15 3*20min LANXIS Workshop: coupling of CAE / FEA Christophe LANGUENOU
14h15 3*20min TREXEL Workshop: part design with Mucell Martin JACOBI
14h15 3*20min SIMPATEC Workshop: Moldex3D Demo of different modules Fabien BUCHY
14h15 3*20min eXstream Workshop: eXstream Digimat demo Sandra CHERUBINI
14h15 3*20min IAM Workshop: immersion virtual reality M. Guillaume GLANGEAUD
15h15 15min Break
15h30 05min CONCLUSION


Institut Automobile du Mans, Le Mans, France
Address: Technoparc des 24h, Chemin aux boeufs, 72100 Le Mans, France
Tél. 02 53 04 85 30




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