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JUL. 2016 | Past Issues  
  | Top Story |
  New Theoretical Model Makes Simulation Analysis on the Orientation of Fiber Reinforced Plastics More Reliable
Moldex3D, coupled with a state-of-the-art fiber orientation model: iARD-RPR – can truthfully capture the genuine spatial features of fiber orientation in complex 3D molded parts and provide accurate predictions...

  | Go for Successful Molding |
  Leading Automotive Parts Provider Resolved Air Trap Issue of the Headlight Product through Moldex3D
TYC’s BMC headlight product displayed visible air trap defects in the specific area. They utilized Moldex3D to modify the product design and validated it through actual trials. Ultimately, they were able to manufacture optimized products without air traps...
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  | Tips and Tricks |
  Use Gate Location Advisor to Quickly Optimize Gating Design
Gate Location Advisor is a useful tool for users to choose the location(s) of the gate(s). In the pre-processing procedure, click Gate Location Advisor and call the workspace with two sections of settings...
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[Apr 01-Sep 16, 2016] Tell Us Your #Moldex3DStory 2016
[Jul 15, 2016] Webinar: Part Weight Reduction and Part Quality Improvement Using Micro-cellular Molding Process – 2:30 PM EDT
[Jul 20, 2016] Webinar: Part Weight Reduction and Part Quality Improvement Using Micro-cellular Molding Process – 10:30 AM CET
[Jul 25, 2016] Moldex3D IC Packaging Workshop & Training
[Jul 26, 2016] Moldex3D Workshop: Injection Molding Simulations

Moldex3D Training and Certificate
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users

 Learning Resources
Achieve Plastic Part Dimension Accuracy through 3D Volume Shrinkage Compensation Method
Non-matching Mesh Technology: A Breakthrough for Easier and More Efficient Simulation for Multi-component Molding
Properly Match the Mesh Elements of Multi-Component Molding to Attain High-accuracy Analysis
Use Auto-grid Feature to Prepare Non-matching Mesh for Multi-Component Molding Model Faster

 What's New
Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R14.0 Offers Enhanced Features to Accelerate Plastic Part Designs
Moldex3D Eastern Europe Users’ Meeting Marks a Milestone Success for Brand Expansion in Europet
Moldex3D CEO, Dr. Rong-Yeu Chang Elected to be A Fellow of Society of Plastics Engineers
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