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SEP. 2015 | Past Issues  
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  Visualize Resin Transfer Molding Behavior Using Advanced 3D CAE Technology
  We have established a true three-dimensional (3D) numerical simulation tool that captures the full geometric values of the simulated parts and we are able to observe the resin flow in the mold that is suitable for all kinds of fiber compositions … 

  Utilizing Moldex3D Simulation Capabilities to Successfully Establish Gas-Assisted Wax Injection as a Viable Innovative Molding
  Various parameters including gas holding time, pre-filling percentage (short shot), and melt temperature are important factors to understand the gas penetration behavior in the wax injection molding … 

    Applying Wall Slip Boundary Conditions in Simulation Analysis  
    Moldex3D R13.0 allows users to simulate the wall slip impact on the cavity surface in which users can specify the wall shear stress threshold and the friction coefficient while setting the wall slip boundary condition …   

    Do you know what the top 5 injection molding materials are?    
    According to the survey done by Plastics News, here is the answer!  
Find out what ‪Moldex3D‬ material characterization services can do for thermoplastic and thermoset plastics>>

What's New  
Moldex3D Selects Winners of Global Innovation Talent Award Contest  
Moldex3D Wins Prestigious James L. White Innovation Award for 2015 of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS)  
Moldex3D’s $1.625 Million Gift to Boost Education and Research at CU-ICAR  
Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate  
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users  
Learning Resources  
Moldex3D’s Hot Runner Steady Analysis Helps Design Your Most Optimal Hot Runner System Faster and Better  
Expedite MuCell® Simulation Process with Simple Weight Reduction Ratio Set-up  
Moldex3D’s Fill Hole Wizard Helps Fill Undesirable Holes on Surface Mesh  
Utilize Moldex3D to Simulate Parting Surface Heating  


[Sep 14-18, 2015] International Engineering Fair 2015  
[Sep 15, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Mumbai, India  
[Sep 16, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Istanbul, Turkey  
[Sep 17, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Chonburi, Thailand  
[Sep 18, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Chennai, India  
[Sep 19, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Bangalore, India  
[Sep 22, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Manila, Philippines  
[Sep 23, 2015] Webinar: Predict Optical Performance Issues with Simulation Technology  
[Sep 24, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Delhi, India  
[Sep 24, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Warwick, United Kingdom  
[Sep 28-30, 2015] American Society for Composites 30th Technical Conference  
[Sep 29 - Oct 01, 2015] Digimat User’s Meeting 2015  
[Oct 07, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: São Paulo, Brazil  
[Oct 07, 2015] Webinar: What to Do about Common Defects in Plastic Injection Molding  
[Oct 13-17, 2015] Fakuma 2015  
[Oct 16, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Budapest, Hungary  
[Oct 21, 2015] Webinar: Fiber Reinforced Injection Molding Simulation  
[Oct 27-28, 2015] IMAPS 2015  

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[Sep 15, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Mumbai, India