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  Using Moldex3D Smart Interactive Interface, Gate Attributes, for Gate Optimization to Gain Quality Results  
  With the latest release of a new Moldex3D interface, Gate Attributes interface, users can use a new function to even further manually adjust gate locations with ease...  
  Visualize How Each Charge Fills in Compression Molding  
  Moldex3D R13 introduced new visualization approach for tracking the filling behavior of each charge. This enhancement provides users with a more accurate picture of the filling pattern and the charge volume...  
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  Optimizing High Precision Molding Process of Optical Components using Moldex3D CAE Simulation Analysis  
  According to the simulation results, In-Mold Micro Compression (IMMC) process could significantly reduce sink marks and volume shrinkage, and increase light collection efficiency...  
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Learning Resources  
Optimizing Cooling Efficiency with Moldex3D Cooling Channel Designer  
Use Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) for Complex Geometries to Ensure Accuracy of Mold-Filling Analyses  
Moldex3D Multi-Component Molding Module Allows Users to Consider Residual Temperature of Previous Shot
Use Moldex3D Designer’s “Modify Node Seeding” Feature to Further Improve Mesh Quality  

What’s New  
Moldex3D’s $1.625 Million Gift to Boost Education and Research at CU-ICAR  
Moldex3D Witnessed a Strong Growth in Indian Market at Plastindia 2015  
Moldex3D eDesignSYNC Integrating PLM Brings Efficiency and Best Solutions to Plastics  
[Apr 14-15, 2015] Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate  
[May 19, 2015] Moldex3D Half Day Training Series  
[Apr 3, 2015] Webinar: Introduction to Moldex3D’s Unique Features and Functions  
[Apr 07, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Moscow, Russia  
[Apr 14-15, 2015] ELEKTRONIK 2015  
[Apr 16, 2015] Lunch & Learn on Moldex3D R13 in Ohio  
[Apr 17, 2015] Webinar: Conformal Cooling Techniques  
[Apr 22, 2015] Webinar: Improving Part Quality for Injection Molding in the Automotive Industry  
[Apr 22-23, 2015] Congress Plastics and Simulation 2015  
[Apr 24, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Chonburi, Thailand  
[Apr 28, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Belgium 2015  
[May 05-06, 2015] Siemens PLM Connection Deutschland 2015  
[May 05-08, 2015] Moulding Expo 2015  
[May 05-09, 2015] Plast 2015  
[May 08, 2015] Webinar: Optimizing Cooling Circuits using Moldex3D Results  
[May 20-23, 2015] CHINAPLAS 2015  
[May 22, 2015] Webinar: Moldex3D Application in Optical Parts  
[May 26-29, 2015] Plastpol Kielce  
[May 27-28, 2015] ECTC 2015  

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