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  Optimizing Cooling Efficiency with Moldex3D Cooling Channel Designer  
  One of the unique features in CCD is the “slicing” function. With this function, users can slice up the imported part into several sections …  
Happy 20th Birthday, Moldex3D!
  Moldex3D Multi-Component Molding Module Allows Users to Consider Residual Temperature of Previous Shot  
  Moldex3D allows users to import temperature distribution information of the previous shot to the run of the second shot. Thus, the analysis results such as pressure distribution and warpage will be more consistent with the reality...  
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  Premium Automotive Aftermarket Parts Provider Improves Production Yield with Moldex3D Simulation Solution  
  TYC utilized Moldex3D simulation to assess the shrinkage problem and was able to find the most feasible solution to resolve this problem successfully...  
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Learning Resources  
Use Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) for Complex Geometries to Ensure Accuracy of Mold-Filling Analyses  
Moldex3D CADdoctor Offers Quick Fixes on Geometry to Ensure Mesh Quality for Accurate Simulation  
Use Moldex3D Designer’s “Modify Node Seeding” Feature to Further Improve Mesh Quality
Use Unfillet Wizard to Eliminate Poor Quality Mesh Defects  

What’s New  
Moldex3D eDesignSYNC Integrating PLM Brings Efficiency and Best Solutions to Plastics  
Moldex3D Unveils New IC Packaging Simulation Solutions at SEMICON Taiwan 2014  
CoreTech System Announces Moldex3D R13.0: Best-in-class Industry-oriented Simulation Solutions  
[Mar 11, 2015] Moldex3D Half Day Training Series  
[Apr 14-15, 2015] Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate  
[Mar 10-14, 2015] INTERMOLD KOREA 2015  
[Mar 10-12, 2015] JEC Europe 2015  
[Mar 12, 2015] Webinar: What’s New in Moldex3D R13  
[Mar 18-19, 2015] Symposium for tool technology 2015  
[Mar 19, 2015] Webinar: Designer BLM and CADdoctor United to Improve Your Pre-processing  
[Mar 20, 2015] Webinar: Structural integrity evaluation plastic injection molded part by using Moldex3D/FEA Interface  
[Mar 23-27, 2015] NPE 2015  
[Mar 26, 2015] Webinar: What’s New in Moldex3D eDesignSYNC  
[Apr 01, 2015] Moldex3D Technology Day France 2015  
[Apr 07, 2015] Molding Innovation Day 2015 : Moscow, Russia  

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