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OCT. 2014 | Past Issues
  Moldex3D R13 Now Includes Mold Deformation Analysis and Provides a Valuable Reference for Mold Design  
  In the latest R13.0 release, Moldex3D introduces a new module to simulate mold deformation and its effect. Through the mold deformation analysis, users are able to detect potential problematic areas in the mold and make necessary changes to address these issues before the mold is machined...  
  Easily Compare Results of Different Analyses using Report Wizard  
  Report Wizard allows users the ability to generate reports automatically without manually capturing every item from a results field. By selecting the Compare run option in project wizard, the difference between the runs can be clearly shown at a glance.  
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  Cost and Time Saving Strategies—Using Moldex3D to Make Better Decisions on Product Design and Optimization  
  Using Moldex3D Shell mesh, Shape was able to run the analysis for the original part and then make appropriate modifications by adding flow leader and removing & shifting the part profile in a very quick time to achieve the ideal results...  
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Learning Resources  
  Moldex3D Designer BLM Generates High-quality Meshes for Complex Geometry Models with Ease  
  Moldex3D IC Packaging Integration for Cadence  
  New Mesh Tool : Auto Set Heat Conduction B.C.  
  Leverage Moldex3D Designer BLM to Maximize Meshing Efficiency  
What’s New  
Moldex3D Unveils New IC Packaging Simulation Solutions at SEMICON Taiwan 2014
CoreTech System Announces Moldex3D R13.0: Best-in-class Industry-oriented Simulation Solutions
Moldex3D Celebrated Grand Opening of a New Moldex3D Office in Bangkok, Thailand
[ Oct 3rd ] A New Webinar Series from Moldex3D Solutions
[ Sep 29th-Oct 3rd ] International Engineering Fair 2014
[ Sep 30th-Oct 3rd ] EQUIPLAST the International Plastics and Rubber Event
[ Sep 30th-Oct 2nd ] Interplas 2014
[ Oct 2nd ] HyperWorks 13.0 Rollout Event
[ Oct 7-9th ] Semicon Europa 2014
[ Oct 9th ] (Ohio) Lunch & Learn on Moldex3D R13.0 Series
[ Oct 14th ] (Michigan) Lunch & Learn on Moldex3D R13.0 Series
[ Oct 14-16th ] CADFEM User’s Meeting 2014
[ Oct 21-23th ] 7th Digimat Global Users’ Conference & Training
[ Oct 23-24th ] BeePitron User’s Meeting 2014
[ Oct 27-30th ] PTC FY15 Channel Sales Kickoff
[ Oct 28th-Nov 1st ] IPF Japan 2014
[ Dec 4th ] Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate
[ Nov 4th ] Moldex3D Half Day Training Series
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