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NOV. 2016 | Past Issues  
  | Top Story |
  Moldex3D’s Exclusive Patented Technology for Material Pressure Dependency Viscosity Measurement Helps Obtain a More Accurate Warp Prediction
Moldex3D Material Characterization Laboratory attained an exclusive U.S. patent on pressure dependency viscosity model and CAE simulation. Through a capillary rheometer (Fig. 1), users can obtain the viscosity property data before running a CAE analysis...

  | Editor's Pick |
  A Case Study on Identifying Optimal Design Parameters with Moldex3D and Isight
Coupling Moldex3D’s analysis with Isight, users can enjoy the benefits of using these two software products; the task of finding the proper design parameters manually can be fully eliminated to avoid errors and the CAE analysis workflow can be done much more efficiently....

  | Go for Successful Molding |
  Audix Ensures Connector Size Accuracy and Eliminates Appearance Defects through Moldex3D
How to simultaneously achieve the size accuracy and eliminate appearance defects is the main issue in this case. Audix used Moldex3D to analyze the volume shrinkage distribution and adjusted the thickness in the high volume shrinkage region...
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  | Tips and Tricks |
  How To Evaluate Wire Sweep Issue Through Drag Force Distribution Analysis
Moldex3D IC Packaging module supports Drag Force Distribution analysis to visualize drag force applied on the wires so that clear and detailed wire sweep evaluation can be attained...
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  | My #Moldex3DStory |
  Moldex3D – The New Quality in Design of Car Interiors in Dr. Schneider Automotive
Dr. Schneider chose Moldex3D to assist the design and development of plastic products. It is used in the whole product development process from the part design stage, the initial assessment for part feasibility including choosing the gate location, the cycle time estimation...
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[Nov 09, 2016] Webinar: Conformal Cooling and Simulation
[Nov 11, 2016] Webinar: Controlling Part Quality and Lowering Production Costs with Conformal Cooling Channels
[Nov 23-26, 2016] EMAF: The International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry
[Dec 02, 2016] Webinar: Improving Structural Performance of Parts through Moldex3D FEA Interface
[Dec 16, 2016] Webinar: Simulating Co-Injection and Bi-Injection Molding in Moldex3D

Moldex3D Training and Certificate
University of Akon: Injection Molding Simulations with Moldex3D
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users

 Learning Resources
Utilizing Hot Runner Steady Analysis to Obtain Multi-Cavity Simulation Analysis in the Shortest Possible Time
Investigating the Gas Core-Out Ratio of Gas-Assisted Injection Molding through Advanced CAE Technology
Hot Runner Steady (HRS) Analysis, an Optimal Solution to Simulate a High Cavitation Hot Runner Mold System
Moldex3D CADdoctor – Simplify Complicated Geometric Features & Build High-Quality Mesh with Ease

 What's New
Moldex3D Donates $3 Million Gift to Vietnamese Universities to Inspire New Talents for the Country
CoreTech System Announces Winners of Tell Us Your #Moldex3DStory Contest
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