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APR. 2016 | Past Issues  
  | Top Story |
  Moldex3D Links 3D Mold Filling Simulation and 2.5D Structural Analysis to Build High Precision Thin-shell Parts
Comprehensive and accurate structural analysis results require the integration of mold filling analysis. Now the two kinds of simulation software can be fully integrated! Want to know how it can benefit high precision thin-shell plastic parts?
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  | Go for Successful Molding |
  Delta Group Utilized Moldex3D to Improve the Deformation of a Cooling Fan Bracket
Through Moldex3D’s simulation capabilities, Delta Group successfully improved the deformation of a fan bracket and reduced the defect rate from 45% to 16%.
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  | Tips and Tricks |
  Moldex3D’s Fix Wizard Offers Automatic Fix on Mesh Defects
Mesh defects such as gaps, overlapping elements, holes and low-quality elements can be automatically fixed through Moldex3D Fix Wizard to improve the overall mesh quality.
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[Apr 13-14, 2016] Plastekknik Nordic 2016
[Apr 13, 2016] Webinar: Predicting Fiber Behaviors with True 3D Simulation Technology
[Apr 18-19, 2016] Moldex3D North America User Conference
[Apr 19, 2016] Moldex3D Users’ Meeting- Portugal 2016
[Apr 22, 2016] Webinar: Moldex3D Composites Simulation Technology (II)- Influence of Fiber on Structural Performance of Parts
[Apr 25-26, 2016] Automotive Materials Day
[Apr 27, 2016] Webinar: Influence of Fiber on Structural Performance of Parts
[Apr 28, 2016] Moldex3D Users’ Meeting- Poland 2016

Moldex3D Training and Certificate
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users

 Learning Resources
The Enhanced Moldex3D’s Simulation Capability Provides Accurate Sink Mark Predictions for Complex Geometries
Visualizing Warpage Behavior during Post-mold Cure Stage in IC Packaging Using Advanced CAE Technology
Utilizing Moldex3D’s Mold Deformation Analysis to Optimize Mold Designs
Utilize Moldex3D’s Wire Sweep Analysis Result for IC Packaging Process to Avoid a Short Circuit Problem

 What's New
Moldex3D Announces the Publication of “An Objective Tensor to Predict Anisotropic Fiber Orientation in Concentrated Suspensions” on Journal of Rheology®
CoreTech System Announces the Release of Moldex3D R14.0: The Most Industry-Trusted Software Provider for Plastics Engineering Solutions
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