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OCT. 2015 | Past Issues  
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  Use Moldex3D's New Pin Movement Analysis Technology to Yield Greater Process Gains
  In order to maximize the benefits of using sequential valve gating to improve part quality, hot runner system manufacturers have developed a new technology that allows users to gain control over the valve pin movement and its speed profile … 

  University of Wisconsin Applies Moldex3D in Academic Research to Predict Plastic Product Defects
  Through this process, the students were able to compare the different analysis results of the above three design changes and have a better understanding on plastics flow behaviors during the injection molding … 

    Moldex3D R13 Solver Helps Foresee Potential Wire Sweep Problem and Optimize Encapsulation Process  
    A new feature in Moldex3D R13.0 is capable of analyzing the wire sweep problem which enables users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this behavior in order to further optimize the IC encapsulation process …   
    Moldex3D Announces the Release of Moldex3D Digimat-RP for Advanced Material Modeling of Reinforced Plastics  
    Moldex3D Digimat-RP aims to combine the expertise of Moldex3D’s true 3D analysis on injection molding and Digimat’s specialized technology in advanced material modeling in order to provide a straight-forward workflow that streamlines the process of accurate structural nonlinear FEA simulations of reinforced plastic parts …   

    What are the 6 new plastics in today's plastic product manufacturing industry?    
    Our current assortment of ‪plastics‬ & ‪elastomers‬ are a talented bunch. Plastics are so versatile; some of them are so soft that they can be used in consumer products that contact human skin while others are strong enough to withstand the heat and high-pressure near ‪automotive‬ ‪‎engines‬.

>> Read more on how plastics are used in various product applications

>>Find out how ‪Moldex3D‬ can be used in various industries
Learning Resources  
Visualize Resin Transfer Molding Behavior Using Advanced 3D CAE Technology  
Moldex3D’s Hot Runner Steady Analysis Helps Design Your Most Optimal Hot Runner System Faster and Better  
Applying Wall Slip Boundary Conditions in Simulation Analysis  
Moldex3D’s Fill Hole Wizard Helps Fill Undesirable Holes on Surface Mesh  
What’s New  
Moldex3D Announces the Release of Moldex3D Digimat-RP for Advanced Material Modeling of Reinforced Plastics  
Moldex3D Selects Winners of Global Innovation Talent Award Contest  
Moldex3D Wins Prestigious James L. White Innovation Award for 2015 of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS)  
Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate  
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users  
[Oct 13-17, 2015] Fakuma 2015  
[Oct 16, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Budapest, Hungary  
[Oct 20, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Gdansk, Poland  
[Oct 20, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Samutprakarn, Thailand  
[Oct 21, 2015] Webinar: Fiber Reinforced Injection Molding Simulation  
[Oct 27-28, 2015] IMAPS 2015  

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