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JUL. 2015 | Past Issues  
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  Expedite MuCell® Simulation Process with Simple Weight Reduction Ratio Set-up
  CAE engineers can directly focus their energy on the mechanical strength evaluation of MuCell® part after the foaming process without having to take care of getting the right VP switch-over point first … 

  World’s Leading Automotive Part Supplier Utilizes Moldex3D Analyses to Make Confident Decisions on Product Design Optimization
  Through Moldex3D detailed analyses, they were able to look at a full spectrum of molding aspects, including the detailed analyses on filling, packing, cooling and warpage and examine possible solutions to … 

    Utilize Moldex3D to Simulate Parting Surface Heating  
In injection molding process, higher temperature on the parting surface will lead to better product surface quality. Induction heating is a technique to locally heat cavity surface before every shot. Moldex3D R13.0 is able to simulate parting surface heating … 

    Who invented the first man-made plastic?   
According to about.com, the first man-made plastic was created by Alexander Parkes who publicly demonstrated it at the 1862 Great International Exhibition in London. Later in 1907, Leo Hendrik Baekeland improved phenol-formaldehyde reaction techniques and invented the first fully synthetic resin to become commercially successful, tradenamed Bakelite.
Learn more about the history of plastics >>
What is Moldex3D? >>

Learning Resources  
Simplify Runner System Analysis – Moldex3D Enhanced Solution Provides a Quicker and Reliable Simulation  
Moldex3D Successfully Integrates Real Machine Interface to Facilitate Effective Communication between Simulation & Manufacturing  
Moldex3D Provides Mold Preheat Analysis to Enhance Mold Temperature Management  
Moldex3D Warpage Analysis Allows Users to Check Differential Temperature and Differential Shrinkage Effects  
Moldex3D Wins Prestigious James L. White Innovation Award for 2015 of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS)  
Moldex3D’s $1.625 Million Gift to Boost Education and Research at CU-ICAR  
Moldex3D Witnessed a Strong Growth in Indian Market at Plastindia 2015  
[Augt 11-12, 2015] Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate  
[Jul 08 - Nov 11, 2015] Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users  
[Jul 08, 2015] Webinar: Structural Integrity Evaluation of Plastic Injection Molded Parts  
[Jul 08-22, 2015] A New Webinar Series from Moldex3D Solutions  
[Jul 10, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Dalmine, Italy  
[Jul 14-15, 2015] 2015 India ATC  
[Jul 17, 2015] 2015 India ATCx  
[Jul 17, 2015] Moldex3D Users’ Meeting Thailand  
[Jul 22, 2015] Webinar: Molding Parts To Specs On First Shot  
[Jul 22-25, 2015] Auto Expo Myanmar 2015  
[Jul 28, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Johor, Malaysia  
[Jul 30, 2015] Molding Innovation Days 2015: Hanoi, Vietnam  

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