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SEP. 2014 | Past Issues
  Moldex3D Designer BLM Generates High-quality Meshes for Complex Geometry Models with Ease  
  Having a high-quality mesh is one of the vital elements of attaining accurate simulation results. However, the preparation of a high-quality mesh can be time-consuming.  
  New Mesh Tool : Auto Set Heat Conduction B.C.  
  Moldex3D Mesh tool has a new function of “Auto Set Heat Conduction B.C.”, which helps to detect the heat conduction faces automatically. In hot runner system, hot runner metal will be separated away from mold plate with a small gap. These small gaps use air to insulate hot runner from mold plate ...  
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  Leading Battery Manufacturer Makes Smarter Design Decisions with Moldex3D  
  RAMCAR Technology is the provider of quality molds, tooling and equipment for manufacturers of automotive, motorcycle, and industrial battery products. Over the years, RAMCAR Technology has strived to become the leader in the industry by continuous upgrading its capability through investments in industrial equipment and the development of world-class products ...  
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Learning Resources  
  Moldex3D IC Packaging Integration for Cadence  
  CAE Assistance to Overcome some Challenges in Multi-component Molding (MCM) Product Development  
  Leverage Moldex3D Designer BLM to Maximize Meshing Efficiency  
  Easily Set Compression Zone Using Moldex3D Designer  
What’s New  
Moldex3D Unveils New IC Packaging Simulation Solutions at SEMICON Taiwan 2014
CoreTech System Announces Moldex3D R13.0: Best-in-class Industry-oriented Simulation Solutions
Moldex3D Celebrated Grand Opening of a New Moldex3D Office in Bangkok, Thailand
[ Sep 09-11th ] The 14th-annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE)
[ Sep 12th ] Moldex3D R13 Tips and Tricks Webinar
[ Sep 19th ] Benefits and functionality of eDesignSYNC Webinar
[ Sep 26th ] Foaming Process Simulations Webinar
[ Sep 10-12th ] the International Conference on Polymers and Moulds Innovations – PMI 2014
[ Sep 11-13th ] EMMA Expo India
[ Sep 16th ] Molding Innovation Days 2014: Le Mans, France
[ Sep 18th ] Moldex3D User’s Meeting Portugal
[ Sep 23rd ] User’s Meeting Germany
[ Sep 29th-Oct 3rd ] International Engineering Fair 2014
[ Sep 09th ] (Ohio) Lunch & Learn on Moldex3D R13.0 Series
[ Sep 23-24th ] (Michigan) Lunch & Learn on Moldex3D R13.0 Series
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