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Adding Value to Plastic Products through Annealing
Residual or internal stresses are inherently induced within plastic products during manufacturing processes; especially, polymer chains are highly oriented under the high deformation rate during the injection molding process…
  Leveraging the Seamless Integration of CAE and Structural Analysis, Moldex3D Helps Obtain Higher Production Yields
  After initial production, manufacturers routinely perform several tests, including drop, heat transfer…etc. on plastic to ensure products meet the standard for their intended use…

  Optimizing Gate Locations Using Moldex3D Expert Module
Moldex3D Expert module has been extensively used to assist designers in evaluating the proper settings for optimizing processing conditions such as melt temperature, mold temperature, cooling time, flow rate profile, packaging pressure profile …
  CoreTech System Dedicates Moldex3D Injection Molding Simulation Software to University of Akron
CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd., the “True 3D”injection molding CAE simulation solution innovator”, is pleased to announce a $2 million worth of Moldex3D injection Molding Simulation Software donation to University of Akron…
International Engineering Fair (MSV) in Czech
Oct 07-11,2013
Compression Molding Simulation Technology Roadmap Seminar
Sep 10,2013
UK Altair Technology Conference
Sep 10,2013
Sep 10-12,2013
The 13th SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE)
Sep 11-13,2013
Altair Seminar: CAE Processing Automation + Simulation Innovation
Sep 19,2013
2013 Subcontracting Trade Fair Finland
Sep 24-26,2013
Mold Design Hands-On Workshop
Sep 27,2013-Dec 20,2013
2013 Americas Altair Technology Conference
Oct 01-03,2013
PLM World : New York State Regional Users Group Meeting ’13
Oct 01,2013
(India) Moldex3D eDesign 1-Day Training Camp
Sep 10,2013 ; Sep 24,2013
(Michigan) Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate
Sep 23-24,2013
(Michigan) Moldex3D “FEA Interface” Half Day Training
Sep 26,2013
Enhancing Product Quality via Conformal Cooling Design
Advanced 3D Cooling Analysis Functions
Resolving Flow Imbalance in Medical Product Molding
Using Moldex3D to Understand the Fiber Length Distribution Result
Integrate Moldex3D and Digimat Structural Analysis
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