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Investigating 3D IC Underfill Process through Moldex3D Encapsulation
According to IC Insights’ 2012 McClean Report, “The assembly and packaging of ICs no longer takes a back seat to front-end processing…packages have evolved from simple cookie-cutter type packages to highly sophisticated and customized solutions…
Go for Successful Molding
Moldex3D Enables OEMs to Extend Their Business to More Customers
Split air conditioners have started to grow in popularity in recent years. The design of air conditioner panels tends to be thin and light in order to meet stylish and lightweight requirements. Large parts like air conditioner external shells usually rely on multi-cavity injection molding method, ...
Tips & Tricks
Wire Sweep Analysis Setting
In the filling stage of epoxy molding compound in IC encapsulation process, high melt viscosity and fast flow can worsen wire sweep problem. A serious defect followed by wire sweep is the wire short problem...
Venting Analysis Setting
The purpose of setting up venting is to avoid negative effects brought by the air trapped in injection molding process. Poor venting designs may cause serious molding problems such as burn marks, flash, short shots, air traps, poor surface finish, excessive molding shrinkage and so on ...
Software Downloads
Moldex3D Viewer
eXplorer for Creo Parametric
eXplorer for SolidWorks
eXplorer for NX
eXplorer for Solid Edge
Conference Papers
3D Simulation of Fine Pitch Underfill Encapsulation
3D Simulation of Underfill Encapsulation in Semiconductor Processing
A Three Dimensional CAE Molding of Microchip Encapsulation
Moldex3D eDesign 2 Day Training and Certificate
Dec 3-4, 2012 / Northville, MI
Moldex3D “FEA Interface” Half Day Trainings 2012
Nov 13, 2012 / Northville, MI

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