The brand new Moldex3D 2021
A key platform that connects you to the Industry 4.0 era
With better prediction accuracy, deeper insights,
smart integration, and faster calculation,
Moldex3D helps you race against time,
and be the front-runner in smart manufacturing!

Accurate Prediction

During the Industry 4.0 era, accuracy and speed are the key elements to success in plastic engineering field. Moldex3D continues to improve and build powerful and efficient analysis capabilities, helping businesses reduce cost and adapt to fast-changing market!

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Smart Integration

Integrating various data is always a hassle. Moldex3D provides intelligent integrations that can read different graphics files and simplify the converting process. You can seamlessly integrate on-site mold trials with the design analysis database to ensure a smoother corporate workflow, realizing smart design and manufacturing!

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Advanced Process
Simulation Upgrades

Advanced process simulation capabilities, including compression molding and foaming process, are upgraded to the next level. Moldex3D also supports RTM process flow, curing analysis and thermoplastic continuous fiber composite molding. The more complicated the process, the more we can help!

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The World’s Best IC Packaging Process Simulation

The semiconductors market is evolving at an unprecedented speed. The industry is looking for more cutting-edge CAE technology to level up their production efficiency. With a user-friendly operating platform, high-quality mesh and advanced features, Moldex3D IC Packaging is undoubtedly the answer to packaging revolution.

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What’s New in Moldex3D 2021

Prediction Accuracy

Shrinkage and Warpage Prediction Accuracy

Enhanced Phase Change Modeling in Shrinkage and Warpage

The new Moldex3D draws on the material and stress characteristics of plastic phase changes in the packing stage to have more accurate prediction on warpage and shrinkage.



Mechanical Properties of Fiber-reinforced Materials

Mechanical property simulation is incorporated to optimize the calculation accuracy of short fiber materials, providing more precise warpage prediction of fiber-filled materials.


Support Buckling Analysis

Moldex3D adds the prediction of potential buckling behavior during Warpage to determine whether using large deformation mode is necessary.

High-performance Mesh Generation Wizard

CAD Features

The curve construction and editing capabilities are improved for users to generate better mesh quality with enhanced success rate and efficiency.



Nozzle, Gate, Runner and Cooling Channel Wizard

More advanced geometric data and debugging systems are included, to elevate prediction accuracy on nozzle, gate, runner and cooling channels. Users can adjust nozzle models by using the newly added Nozzle Zone Wizard. It allows users to improve designs with parameters and automatic mesh generation, making design validations easy and accurate.

Easier and Smarter Report Display

Studio 2021

Users can customize the report format in Studio 2021 and choose the items to display. Producing reports is now easier and smarter. The working efficiency is also improved, with viewer file size reduced by 80% and the output speed 3 times faster.

Powerful Smart Integration

Intelligent Manufacturing

iSLM 2021

Through iSLM 2021, you can view project results and animations on different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. iSLM features also help you compare mold trial results and molding analysis with a simple click. You can access information anytime, anywhere.

A More User-friendly CAD Platform

Provide Smart Design Tools to Achieve The Best Optimization

Moldex3D SYNC 2021 supports NX, Creo, and SOLIDWORKS. Users can now run Moldex3D 2021 on these software and greatly shorten the learning curve.


Increase BLM Grid Success Rate

Users can generate high precision meshes quicker with an automatic geometry repair feature. Moldex3D 2021 is also equipped with a more powerful defect inspection system that saves valuable time on re-transition and mesh generation.


Automatic Design Analysis

With parameter values set up properly, SYNC can automatically run simulation analysis and list out all the results for comparison, which reduces manpower and time.

Faster Calculation

Linux Remote Calculation

Users can run molding simulation efficiently on remote Linux HPC cluster on private or public cloud, making it possible to analyze and calculate millions of elements in minutes.

Advanced Process and Composite Materials Forecast

Composite Material Forming Prediction

RTM Simulation Supports Non-matching Mesh Model

For the multi-layer fiber mat draping design, the non-matching mesh technology is introduced to reduce the time for mesh generation and improve the accuracy for RTM simulation. We have also enhanced the Fiber-mat thermoplastic continuous fiberboard composite simulation. By setting the continuous fiber material property value, users can analyze how fiber orientation impacts product quality and mechanical strength to optimize product designs.

Lightweight Solution for Foaming Process

Higher Accuracy on Predicting Foaming Process

The new physical foaming capabilities provide a new microscopic foaming prediction model, which greatly enhances accuracy on predicting bubble shrinkage behavior. It also increases predicting precision of existing modules in different foaming processes.

IC Packaging Process Simulation Optimization

Complete Support for IC Packaging Processes

High-speed, Detailed and Multi-functional IC Packaging Process Simulation

Brand new potting simulation capabilities are now available for IC packaging users. The Pre-processing Wizard can quickly generate high-quality mesh for advanced package types, which saves model preparation efforts and helps user explore and optimize package design, reducing trial and error costs significantly.


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