PVT-6000 Polymer PVT Tester

PVT-6000 is designed to analyze the specific volume of plastics as a function of temperature and pressure in both the molten and solid states. During the PVT test, the polymer is formed through constant or stepwise pressure and temperature to determine its specific volume. The PVT data is then applied to Moldex3D injection molding simulation to ensure analysis accuracy and production stability. Once the injection molding is optimized, as a result, not only the work efficiency and the quality of polymer production are increased, but also the occurrence of product defects during injection molding process, such as shrinkage, sink marks and warpage is greatly  reduced and eliminated.

To apply the PVT measurement, a fixed amount of polymer is heated or cooled under a predetermined temperature in the PVT cell. Using PID analog output signal to control the cooling, the accuracy of temperature control is significantly enhanced. When the polymer is pressurized by pistons at a constant pressure, its dimensional change in volume due to thermal expansion or shrinkage is measured. Afterward, the collected PVT data, such as density and specific volume, are applied to Moldex3D injection molding simulation.


  • User friendly operation interface
  • Able to set up 10 different pressures to conduct PVT test and analysis
  • High accuracy of temperature and pressure control
  • 4.3” HMI touch screen
  • PVT data can be transferred  to Moldex3D injection molding simulation to achieve high-quality molded products

Typical Diagram

Standard   ISO 17744
Capacity 2500 bar
Test Method Isobaric / Isothermal
Temperature Control Range Room temperature ~ 300°C (400°C optional)
Accuracy ±0.3°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Controller PID
Barrel Diameter 7.8 mm ±0.005 mm
Piston Diameter 7.76 mm
Barrel Testing Distance 10 ~ 23 mm
Cooling Method Airflow cooling
Pressure Control Accuracy ±2%
Controller PID
Force Detector Method Load cell
Resolution 1 /30000
Load Accuracy 0.25%
Displacement Detector Method Linear encoder system
Resolution 5 μm
Accessories Cleaning rod x 1 / Reamer x 1 / Copper brush x 1 /
Filling funnel x 1 / PTFE sheet x 100
Dimension (W x D x H) 60 x 66 x 168 cm
Weight 220 kg (main unit)
Power 1 § 220V 50/60Hz 10A

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