on 07/06/2021

On-demand Webinar: Resolving Clamping Tonnage Prediction Discrepancy in Simulations

Injection Molding is a high-pressure application, where plastic is continually forced into an empty volume. As the plastic travels, the resistance to flow increases, thereby requiring more force to be applied by the screw. This increase in force can commonly cause a phenomenon called Flash, typically observed as material leaking onto the parting plane of the mold, in plastic molded parts because the Clamping System on the machine is not able to withstand the pressure being exerted from the machine. The capability to predict the Clamping Force before putting the mold into production is crucial to mitigate any flashing problems, while also keeping the size of the machine reasonable to reduce production costs.

  • What is Clamping Force?
  • What can the prediction of Clamping Force in Simulation do to help alleviate production difficulties?
  • Troubleshooting Clamping Tonnage prediction discrepancies
  • Correlating the simulation results to a real molding scenario
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