on 08/06/2021

On-demand Webinar: Machine Digital Twin for Smart Manufacturing

Under the trend of smart manufacturing, digital transformation is an important issue to be faced. If the organization can successfully adopt digital twin technology to achieve the integration of virtual and real, coupled with the use of scientific trial model to replace traditional trial model. Then, it can greatly shorten product development time, enhance market competitiveness, and accelerate enterprises to enter a new era of smart manufacturing and toward “T0” mass production.

Many people mistakenly believe that the performance of production machines of the same brand and model will be exactly the same. But in fact, it is not the case. Each machine is affected by many factors, and there will still be some differences in characteristics, which will also cause some errors between simulation and actual production.

In this webinar, we will analyze how Moldex3D creates a digital twin of the machine through the machine characterization service, so that CAE simulation analysis can consider the unique performance and dynamic response of each machine, and the result is closer to the actual production situation. Want to know how to maintain growth in the rapidly changing global market and provide new competitive advantages for your business, then you must not miss it!

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