on 10/12/2021

On-demand Webinar: Digital Transformation 2021 Series- Mustermind: Data-Driven Molding Trial

Mustermind.de is a web-based engineering consulting service that helps customers in the injection molding industry to reduce time and expanses for molding trials using the power of data. When talking about digital transformation, managers often think about automation and digitization based on process data gathered with cost-intensive sensors. But injection molding companies already have plenty of data available (like e.g. simulation results and/or CAD moles, material sheets, etc.). It is just not used efficiently. mustermind.de provides smart molding sheet templates that allow users to easily create a database of CAD, process and material parameters. When a new a mold needs to be simulated or tested, instead of spending hours or even day (in case of molding trials) on trial and error or – again – complex designs of experiments, the new mold’s/part’s parameters can simply be added to the smart molding sheet’s database. This information is transformed into a cryptic relationalized vector code that can be handled by mustermind.de’s cloud-based artificial intelligence. Its machine learning algorithms will return another vector code, which is then used to auto-complete the smart molding sheet template with suitable process settings for your new part or mold. The cloud-based algorithms are not only secure by storing data offline and processing only abstract vectors in the cloud, early tests have also proven that its average accuracy is well beyond 90%. Not to forget that the processing happens in near real-time, drastically reducing optimization iterations during the molding trial of the simulation phase before.

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