on 10/12/2021

On-demand Webinar: Digital Transformation 2021 Series- CAFUTA d.o.o.: Optimization Of Cascade Moulding Process For Pipe Protector

Presented case study is showing how the use of Moldex3D can help better utilizing the production process of very thin structures. The object of research was an automotive component used to protect vital pipes mounted at the bottom of a car – hence pipe protector. While the size of component is about 1400 mm x 300 mm, the thickness by design is only 1.6 mm. Molding such a component is challenging, because usually requires high molding pressure, high tool closing force and several valve gate nozzles. The goal of process development was to set the process in a way, that two symmetrical parts can be molded on an 1800 tonne machine while keeping part thickness under 1.6 mm and minimizing the number of valve gate nozzles. From initial 7 valve gate nozzles per cavity, we were able to reduce the number of hot runners to 5 per cavity and retain the original thickness of 1.6 mm, while speeding up the fill cycle and keeping product quality uncompromised. The geometry of the part was slightly altered – flow leaders were added, to improve the melt flow. To achieve this goal, we made 46 calculations with different filling strategies and different part geometries in just one week.

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