on 10/12/2021

On-demand Webinar: Digital Transformation 2021 Series- Universidad de Jaén: Procedure For The Automated Design Of Conformal Cooling Channels Based On Temperature Maps And The Use Of Discrete Models

This presentation shows a new method for the automated design of the conformal cooling system for injection molding technology based on a discrete multidimensional model of the plastic part. The algorithm surpasses the current state of the art since it uses as input variables firstly the discrete map of temperatures of the melt plastic flow at the end of the filling phase, and secondly a set of geometrical parameters extracted from the discrete mesh together with technological and functional requirements of cooling in injection molds. In the first phase the algorithm groups and classifies the discrete temperature of the nodes at the end of the filling phase in geometrical areas called temperature clusters. The topological and rheological information of the clusters along with the geometrical and manufacturing information of the surface mesh remains stored in a multidimensional discrete model of the plastic part. Taking advantage of using genetic evolutionary algorithms and by applying a physical model linked to the cluster specifications the proposed algorithm automatically designs and dimensions all the parameters required for the conformal cooling system. The method presented improves on any conventional cooling system design model since the obtained cooling times are analogous to the cooling times of analytical models, including boundary conditions and ideal solutions not exceeding 5% of relative error in the cases analyzed. The final quality of the plastic parts after the cooling phase meet the minimum criteria and requirements established by the injection industry. As an additional advantage the proposed algorithm allows the validation and dimensioning of the injection mold cooling system automatically, without requiring experienced mold designers with extensive skills in manual computing

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