on 03/16/2021

On-demand Webinar: Achieving Lightweight Part Through Foaming Injection Molding

Foam injection molding, like MuCell® and chemical blowing agent (CBA), is capable of mass-producing parts with complex geometries and excellent dimensional stability, and is widely used in automotive, electronic/electrical products, construction, outdoor products and many other applications. In MuCell® process, supercritical fluid (SCF), usually nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2), is mixed with polymer melt to create a single-phase polymer/gas solution, which is then injected into the mold cavity, and finally bubbles are formed in the product. In CBA process, the chemical foaming agents are mixed with plastic granules as colorants or additives. The chemical reaction is completed in barrel and the gas is dissolved in the melt. The gas bubbles start growing during filling stage while the release of pressure and formed in the product.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction of Foam Injection Molding
  • Moldex3D FIM features and benefits
  • Result Interpretation
  • Case Study
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