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APR. 2017 | Past Issues  
  | Top Story |
  Utilizing CAE Tools to Overcome the Challenges of Multi-cavity Co-injection Molding
It is difficult to achieve a uniform distribution by simply changing the process condition parameters. Therefore, utilizing a CAE tool has become a much more efficient way to quickly identify and fix potential issues prior to manufacturing...

  | Tips and Tricks |
  Moldex3D Supports Orthotropic Material Setting to Allow Consideration of the Effect of the Previous Shot in MCM
Modex3D Multi-component module (MCM) module supports orthotropic material setting of part inserts and allows users to consider the effect of the previous shot...
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  | Go for Successful Molding |
  Using Novel CAE Tools to Verify Warpage and Refractive Index of Optical Parts
Through Moldex3D analysis, both part warpage and refractive index of the microinjection molded freeform optics could be accurately obtained and visualized...
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  | My #Moldex3DStory |
  Application of Moldex3D in Reduction of Injection Moulded Part Warpage using Advanced Gas Assisted Injection Moulding
Moldex3D warpage simulation result also showed that the GAIM design could effectively reduce warpage and meet the requirements for dimension stability...
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[Apr 19, 2017] Webinar: What’s New in Moldex3D R15.0
[Apr 19-20, 2017] Moldex3D FY’17 EMEA Channel Partner Meeting
[Apr 25, 2017] Molding Innovation Day 2017- CSoft, Moscow
[Apr 25-27, 2017] Innoform 2017
[May 02, 2017] SPE AutoEPCON 2017
[May 03, 2017] Webinar: How Injection Molding Simulation Helps Reduce Warp Issues
[May 04-05, 2017] Moldex3D Users’ Meeting- North America 2017
[May 08-10, 2017] ANTEC 2017

Moldex3D Training and Certificate
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users

 Learning Resources
Moldex3D Links 3D Injection Molding Simulation with LS-DYNA Draping Analysis to Offer a More Comprehensive Analysis for Multi-component Molding Simulation
New Simulation Capabilities for Polyurethane Foaming
Assign Wire Materials Respectively to Predict Potential Defects in IC Packaging
Utilizing Moldex3D CADdoctor to Easily Fix Geometric Errors & Ensure High-Quality Mesh Generation

 What's New
The Latest Release of Moldex3D R15.0 Streamlines Simulation Workflow to Provide Faster Turnaround for Plastic Part Designs
Moldex3D is Awarded the Prestigious “Taiwan Excellence Award”
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