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FEB. 2017 | Past Issues  
  | Top Story |
  Moldex3D Links 3D Injection Molding Simulation with LS-DYNA Draping Analysis to Offer a More Comprehensive Analysis for Multi-component Molding Simulation
Moldex3D R14 version has integrated with LS-DYNA’s draping analysis to simulate the deformation behavior. The fiber mat orientation of the fiber prepreg after the draping process can be considered in Moldex3D’s analysis for the subsequent molding process...

  | Tips and Tricks |
  Assign Wire Materials Respectively to Predict Potential Defects in IC Packaging
In order to ensure product quality and improve performance, multiple materials are used in manufacturing. Moldex3D supports wire sweep simulation with multiple wire material definitions...
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  | Go for Successful Molding |
  GARMIN Reduced Thousands of Dollars Cost by Improving Watch Product Warpage through Moldex3D
If the product size is not properly controlled, the watch will tend to leak under high pressure environment because of deformation. Thus, Garmin Corporation decided to utilize Moldex3D to find the optimal product design to improve waterproof...
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  | My #Moldex3DStory |
  Reinforcement of Plastic Boat Propeller with Carbon Fibre Tape
The analysis using Moldex3D confirmed that the flow patterns resulted in severe weld lines. They occurred at the same crack position where the blades transferred great loads to the hub upon heavy acceleration...
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[Feb 08, 2017] Webinar: Simulation of Compression Molding and Prepreg Overmolding
[Feb 09, 2017] ATCx: OptiStruct Conference
[Mar 07-11, 2017] INTERMOLD KOREA 2017
[Mar 08, 2017] Webinar: How to Obtain Lightweight and Robust Design with Simulation Technology
[Mar 14-16, 2017] JEC World 2017
[Mar 22, 2017] TGI Seminar: CAE Technology Consultancy for Injection Mold and Molding
[Mar 22, 2017] Webinar: Visualize Resin Transfer Molding Behavior Using Advanced 3D CAE Technology
[Mar 27-28, 2017] Moldex3D International Users’ Meeting 2017
[Mar 28-30, 2017] Expo Plasticos 2017

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 Learning Resources
New Simulation Capabilities for Polyurethane Foaming
Moldex3D’s Exclusive Patented Technology for Material Pressure Dependency Viscosity Measurement Helps Obtain a More Accurate Warp Prediction
Utilizing Moldex3D CADdoctor to Easily Fix Geometric Errors & Ensure High-Quality Mesh Generation
How To Evaluate Wire Sweep Issue Through Drag Force Distribution Analysis

 What's New
Moldex3D is Awarded the Prestigious “Taiwan Excellence Award”
Moldex3D Donates $3 Million Gift to Vietnamese Universities to Inspire New Talents for the Country
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