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MAR. 2016 | Past Issues  
  The Enhanced Moldex3D’s Simulation Capability Provides Accurate Sink Mark Predictions for Complex Geometries
  Unpleasant sink marks often occur during plastics manufacturing. With the complexity of product designs and the fierce competition in today’s market, an ideal simulation tool is indispensable to make the products to meet customers’ requirements.
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  FARPLAS Using Moldex3D to Overcome Difficult Molding Issues in Multi-shot Injection Molding
  Working with multi-shot injection molding is a particularly difficult task. Via Moldex3D, FARPLAS, a world leading auto manufacturer, has overcome the multi-shot injection molding process on a gasoline tank casing.
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    Utilizing Moldex3D’s Mold Deformation Analysis to Optimize Mold Designs  
    Moldex3D supports its users to better evaluate the mold deformation issue by providing the detailed stress and displacement analyses on mold-base components under different molding conditions.  
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Moldex3D Training and Certificate  
Moldex3D Half Day Training Series- for APA Users  
Learning Resources  
Visualizing Warpage Behavior during Post-mold Cure Stage in IC Packaging Using Advanced CAE Technology  
Pioneering Simulation Technology for Fiber Concentration Prediction Helps Achieve Your Lightweight Design Concept  
Utilize Moldex3D’s Wire Sweep Analysis Result for IC Packaging Process to Avoid a Short Circuit Problem  
Utilizing Moldex3D to Analyze Reynolds Number in Cooling Channels  


What's New  
Moldex3D Announces the Publication of “An Objective Tensor to Predict Anisotropic Fiber Orientation in Concentrated Suspensions” on Journal of Rheology®  
CoreTech System Announces the Release of Moldex3D R14.0: The Most Industry-Trusted Software Provider for Plastics Engineering Solutions  
[Mar 07-09, 2016] MIM 2016- International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides  
[Mar 08-10, 2016] JEC World 2016  
[Mar 11, 2016] Webinar: Using Moldex3D to Predict and Avoid Sink Mark Issues in Injection Molded Parts  
[Mar 15-17, 2016] International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging  
[Mar 25, 2016] Webinar: Predicting Surface Marks in Plastic Injection Molding  

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